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A pitch for a Witcher spinoff

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This game would involve the enigmatic master Witcher of the viper school, Ivar Evil-eye.

In short, The story will take place in the 1250s with the ransacking of the viper school by the Usurper, in which the viper’s scatter around the continent. Ivar evil-eye helps the other viper school Witchers flee while he holds of the army, he is eventually captured by nilfgaard, and made an example of via execution, however a small militant force rescues him and he is taken to nazair, in which he meets Emhyr van Emreis.

Emhyr wants Ivar’s help in retaking nilfgaard from the usurper, Emhyr promises ivar a political stake in the operation of nilfgaard along with the viper keep to be left alone, Ivar only agrees on the condition that nazair and ebbing are relinquished from the empire once’s he’s in power. Emhyr agrees.

Ivar is tasked in uniting powerful leaders and people of influence within regions of the empire to join Emhyr in supporting his regime and transition into power.

In terms of gameplay, it will take a stealth action approach which works well with the viper witchers being the most sneaky of the schools.

Taking gameplay elements from the Arkham games, Metal gear solid, splinter cell, and devil may cry.

Ivar is a much more martial Witcher, he is acrobatic and agile and is learned of multiple forms of combat taught by different Witcher schools, a gameplay would be switching between fighting styles (an element from DMC) the viper fighting style would specialise in a hybrid fighting style only evil eye uses, that being a short sword and a ‘fang’ blade, but also being able to adopt fighting styles taught by the school of the wolf, cat, bear, Griffin etc.

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Stealth would be similar to the Arkham games, with Ivar using his surroundings and striking fear into his enemies, the structure of these stealth elements would take a page from MGS and splinter cell with environment and picking up weapons.

Combat is an updated form of what we saw in Witcher 3, more combos and martial elements, but a mixture of signs and well placed attacks.

The open world aspect will involve areas like nazair, ebbing, nilfgaard. Maybe zerrikania for DLC.

In terms of characterisation, Ivar is dry humoured and witted, loyal to his students and hates the corrupt nature of leaders in the continent, an aspect of the game is Evil-eye’s weariness to Emhyr’s plans, and will play a role in decision making. But unlike most witchers, Evil eye doesn’t mind doing lesser evils and getting involved politics but is probably too honest to stay alive long, an aspect common to vipers, who are much more objectively driven by there knowledge of the continent, like the wild hunt and aen Elle, and see the wars between kingdoms as petty.


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