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After the royalty settlement in 2019, I think The Witcher: Blood Origin mini series might be the bridge between Netflix and CDPR.

As many here know , Sapkowski made a shit deal with CDPR. In the mid 90s, Sapkowski had already made 2 separate deals to turn his already popular book series into games. When

went down, Sapkowski was obviously disillusioned with the gaming industry. So I can see why he'd insist on making a deal with CDPR for a fixed sum and we all know how that went down.

In late 2018, Sapkowski was taking action against CDPR to get more royalties out of the games. I'm guessing the negotiations with Netflix made him realize even more how much he fucked up.

But… Suddenly, in December 2019, CDPR and Sapkowski reached an agreement and settled the disagreement.

In an investors talk, CDPR made a statement that I find interesting:

"This new agreement satisfies and fully clarifies the needs and expectations of both parties, past and present, and sets out a framework for the future cooperation between the two sides."

Obviously, the details of their agreement are not known and each party has signed non disclosure agreements but it isn't a stretch to think that Netflix was heavily involved in the negotiation.

I cannot state with any certainly, of course, But I'm betting my own Witcher swords that this new agreement would mutually benefit all parties involved.

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CDPR: they maintain exclusive rights to the Witcher franchise in games, board games, comics and merch (related to games). Their existing games maintain their previous agreement.

Netflix: They have the rights to the Witcher franchise on the big screen. Added benefit would be to integrate more game elements into their future seasons. Which we already have rumours about Leshens. The recent Wild Hunt leaks show similar design choices as well.

Sapkowski: he's obviously the easiest one to figure out. Cash. Lots and lots of cash. BUT with one extra stipulation I hope he made now: to get a percentage of royalties on any future Witcher games released by CDPR.

Which leads me to the title of my thread.

Netflix is notorious in revealing future projects early. The gaming industry is the opposite of that. I should know, been working in it for the past 9 years.

The Witcher: Blood Origins would be the perfect scenario to create a bridge between CDPR and Netflix. It would give both companies the opportunity to create a symbiotic relationship. More so than it already is.

Not to mention that it would give CDPR a great blueprint to base their next Witcher game.

They would have a game series set at the end of the Witcher era (let's call it the Geralt/Ciri Saga) and a game series set at the beginning of it.

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Both eras filled with monsters, political intrigue and prejudice against Witchers. They just so happen to be at opposite ends of time. Jason Momoa's character could become the new "Geralt" if they choose to follow a particular Witcher's story.

Not to mention that after Cyberpunk's launch, CDPR would be idiotic to not see the opportunity to redeem themselves with a new Witcher game. With Netflix's series as a base, CDPR could do to Blood Origins the same they did with Sapkowski's books: the best adaptation/sequel to games.

If they pull it off, everyone wins. Sapkowski, Netflix and CDPR will swim in cash and us fans will be poor but with good new content to explore in the Witcher universe.

Let me know your thoughts. Thanks for reading all the way through my ramblings. Cheers!


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