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Anyone else feel uncomfortable over how Geralt is treated?

Content of the article: "Anyone else feel uncomfortable over how Geralt is treated?"

I've watched the show, played the games and am currently reading the books. Is it just me or does anyone else feel uncomfortable over how Geralt has been treated by his love interests (sans Shani)?

I mean…


  • Mind controls Geralt – this was before they started dating…but this doesn't make it okay?
  • Cheats on him with Istredd – this may be excusable given they weren't strictly monogamous
  • Snoops in and out of Geralt's mind – Geralt's privacy be damned
  • At least in the games (can't remember if it also happens in the books), she then tells Geralt "yep, I'm only telling you the things I think you need to know" – showing that the openness isn't a mutual offering
  • In the games, she destroys his property (his bed) with no remorse
  • In the games, she also physically abuses him – yes, throwing him into a lake is funny and all…except it is also a form of physical punishment for saying something she didn't want to hear
  • In the games, she also trespass his property multiple times – deciding to share his living quarters at Kaer Morhen and at Toussaint without prior notice or consent
  • Talks down to him and his friends – you can say Geralt doesn't mind but his friends surely do


  • Takes advantage of an emotionally fragile Geralt (when he breaks up with Yen)
  • Blatantly disrespects him by continually throwing herself at him despite him rejecting her
  • Despite professing her love for him, Triss sleeps with Philippa (and maybe before that Lambert) during the same time period
  • Triss then stands by as Philippa blatantly refuses to save Geralt should his life be in danger
  • In the games, Triss also uses Geralt as a pawn so that she and the Lodge can gain power
  • In the games, Triss straight up date-rapes Geralt
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  • Tries to seduce Geralt for information

…I can't help but think if the genders are reversed, people won't be like "Geralt's such a stud" and move on. Yes, Yen/Triss/Fringilla are pretty women – but this doesn't automatically equate to attraction (especially in the case of Triss). Also, while Yen/Triss/Fringilla are physically weaker than Geralt, they are all stronger than him when you take into account their abilities. What I'm trying to say is that just because the trio are women…does not make the relationship non-abusive. Which is what causes my feelings of unease.

What do you think?


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