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This is only about The North (not Skelliga )and who rules it please feel free to talk amongst yourselves


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King Radovid Rules

Radovid 4th of his name. Radovid the Stern, Radovid the mad. I believe that letting him rule the north is by far the worst choice you can make, if you don't know how to get this if you want it I believe you just don't do anything at all but look it up first. Radovid is as we all know a mad man, hunting any sorceresses ,herbalist , alchemist with his which hunters allowed to run lose. thousands of innocent lives are lost to his insanity.


Dijkstra Rules

Sigismund Dijkstra, Sigi Reuven, Former Head of the Radanian Spy intelligence now one of the "Big Four" The underworld crime boss's who control the city of Novigard. He's one of "good choices" he doesn't want to see Tameria burned to a crisp like Radovid does to the mages of the city, with him Tameria Doesn't become a vassal state, he push's down south crushing the invaders and rulering the north as King Vizimr 2 (Radovid's father) did .the economy booms where as the people somewhat suffer. to get this do when you save phillipa from Sigi DON'T break his legs and tell him about Emhyr being disliked by the trade corporations, and WHEN YOU GET THEM DO THESE QUEST'S (look below), after do these quest's then you'll be put into the "reasons of state quest" this hear decides the fate to get Sigi to rule let Roche die this'll ensure he wins the war.

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Quest that need to be done

1: a Deadply plot

2: radanias most wanted

3: a matter of life and death (On this one idk you might have to do it but IDK)

4: now or never (On this one idk you might have to do it but IDK)


Nilfgaard Wins

These two are part of the same ending, Nilfgaard winning. if as far as I know if you did the all the quests mentioned in the Dijkstra Rules part of this then when you get to the choice to kill or spare R0oche, if you spare him you get this ending, Nilfgaard crushes Radavid, and kills those who sought to kill him, The Tamerians Gain their country back and lie is over all pretty good, although when you take in to the effect that nilfgaard is most definitely a slave state where they conquer, enslave, and kill those who resist it makes it a bitter sweet ending, although one could argue that because they become a "Vassal state" they might not have too although States like this usually pay tribute either through military support , gold, or in the style of nilfgaard salves that would die horrible deaths.

So finally after looking over the endings. What is the best one? A vassal state built and forced to pay tribute, a cruel world ruled by mad man, or a economically stable land ruled by someone who's past was murky and whos emotions and motives known only to him

again if I got anything wrong please let me know and I'll to get to it as soon as I can, but please don't be an ass be nice to the other people and respect their opinion, if you have anyone whos looking for a guide on the endings for the north send em here.

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