The Witcher

Bloody hell, Hjalmar!

Okay, so I'm on maybe my third or fourth playthrough of this game after a good year of not having touched it, and I have noticed something pretty wicked that I somehow missed in every one of my prior playthroughs.

During the battle at Kaer Morhen, if you have Hjalmar at the fort, there is a brief moment near the end of the quest where you see him straight up tackle a warrior of the Wild Hunt right back into a portal they just walked out of, the portal closing immediately afterwards. Just a second later, another portal opens with Hjalmar, and only Hjalmar, appearing safe and sound, if not a bit frosted. He says something in response to this, but I unfortunately couldn't hear it over the sounds of the battle going on around us.

I find this both hilarious and fitting, as well as having some interesting implications. Like, it makes sense that Hjalmar of all of the people there would be the one to even try a thing like that in the first place, and of course he'd somehow make it back relatively unharmed, where most warriors would get annihilated for their troubles most likely. It is also a very, very "Skellige" thing to do.

Also, if my understanding of this situation is correct, he just briefly ended up either on the world of the Aen Elle, or on board the Naglfar (depending on how exactly the Wild Hunt stage their attacks on our world), and was probably met with a fair amount of shock by the Elves on that side of the portal. They'd probably never have expected a human not in chains to come through one of their own portals like that, nevermind an armed one actively beating the shit out of one of their own heavily armored troops. Furthermore, he got back to us alive, meaning that he either turned around once he realized that he had effectively left the battle, or whoever they had managing the portals panicked and sent him back before he could do any damage on their side. I doubt that even the Wild Hunt would have a plan for this, given how almost no other person in any world would have the stones and/or lack of self preservation required to pull that shit, even other Skelligers.

Man, I love this game.


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