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Can people explain to me what they liked about Heart of Stone- I feel like I am missing something here…

So I have been playing through The Witcher 3 the past few months, and absolutely loved all of it. Did pretty much all of the side quests and contracts and main quests in about 75 hours, and loved the characters and story and world. Honestly it might be in my top 10 games ever, and the ending chapters were just really satisfying (I got the good ending apparently).

I was really excited to start the DLC storylines since I heard they were also great, and just finished HoS and boy… this was easily my least favorite series of quests in the entire game. I don't think I liked a single character in the entire thing, and absolutely hated the lack of agency I felt I had in this whole affair. I decided to look up what others felt about this, and saw that the vast majority of people not only think this story is amazing, but some call it the best story in the entire game while I feel it was the most annoying. I don't want to start any arguments or insulting or anything, as I am genuinely curious as to what exactly it was that drew people into this narrative.

To list some of my complaints, I think it starts off interesting with Geralt taking a quests, fighting a frog prince, and getting arrested. I was so interested to see where it goes… only for me to suddenly become a servant of a mysterious jerk, and told to go be the servant of another even bigger mysterious jerk and help him with 3 wishes (the same jerk that apparently set me up to kill a prince knowingly which almost got me killed). At this point, I absolutely hate both parties involved, as both seemed to trick Geralt and force him to take part in the plot. Maybe its because I played this right after finishing the main quests, so to go from fighting the wild hunt and saving the world straight into being the servant of 2 characters I don't like just spoiled the following 3 quests.

The wedding scene was annoying again, cause I did not have any real control or agency on anything in the plot. I was forced to be possessed and take part in this wacky wedding by a ghost who was a total asshole, and almost forced into a relationship with Shani (seriously wtf was up with this? I feel like I had to turn her down like 10 times and try extremely hard NOT to have sex with her which was very strange considering how one can miss Yen and Triss romances easier). The heist was actually the only fun part of the quests for me, but it was unfortunately still part of the 3 wishes for a character I didn't like, and while the wife's mansion mission had cool monster designs and atmosphere, the fact that I hated Olgierd and just wanted revenge on him made it hard for me to really care about his failed marriage.

In the end I just let O'Dimm take Olgierd's soul and leave me alone so I could go start Blood and Wine cause I had enough of all of them by that point. So anyways, what did you all like about this story? Is it more fun if played in the middle of the storyline rather than after beating the game? Maybe it was better upon release because time had passed between it and when the original game came out? I am genuinely curious if anyone can let me know what I missed here. Or if anyone agrees.

TLDR: I want to know why people liked the HoS DLC since I felt it had annoying unlikable characters and very little agency on the part of Geralt and the player.


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