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CD Projekt Red Owes me a New Controller

I just finished the main game (on Death March no less). And I was devastated. I’d loved this game to the end, made every decision looking at every angle. Made decisions based upon how well the characters would prosper. Made a code of arms for Geralt. Stuck to that code, no matter the situation.

I’ve always had a habit of obtaining the best endings in RPGs, even blind. I just play the way that works. Queue my devastated reaction when Ciri walked into the Frost. I was gutted. I’d thought I made every decision right. Played Geralt as the caring father figure who was willing to let Ciri grow and blossom, but reign her in from her more destructive impulses.

And yet she walked into the Frost. Was gone. Dead. And I was devastated. For the first time ever, I’d gotten the worst ending to an RPG. Ciri was dead, Geralt was going on alone, and I honestly didn’t know what to think. I still have the two DLCs to do, and I now felt too gutted to go into them knowing I’d gotten the worst ending and that Ciri no longer existed. Emhyr’s words rang true into my soul as a retort: “I don’t want to see you ever again.” Me neither buddy.

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I played the epilogue gutted and zombielike. Geralt met with…a swordmaster? And he had commissioned…Ciri’s sword?! Oh come on CD, really? Going to rub my nose in it? Let me name it “Zirael,” so I can have a reminder of my failure as a father and a Witcher?! It doesn’t even have a damage stat, just to make things even more insulting.

Then I came to the Inn at the Crossroads. Where it all began. Geralt brought the sword out and approached the hooded figure at the table, prompting confusion. Who would he be giving the sword to? Was that Avalla’ch? Why would he do that?

Then came the reveal that made me shout “WHAT?!” and leap to my feet, causing my controller to fly from my lap and collide with the wall opposite with a smash.

Thankfully I have a second controller to immediately dive into the DLCs with renewed vigor. Well done on the final, amazing twist CD Projekt Red. But also screw you, you magnificent bastards!


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