The Witcher


I love this game. We all do. To make it more dynamic and engaging, I devised different sets of self-imposed rules to follow. To begin, you must:

  • Play on Deathmarch difficulty
  • Enemy Scaling must be On

With these 2 settings as a baseline, mix and match the following challenges to create a combination that would make combat, exploration, or progression more fun or rewarding.


Quen Quitter
You cannot use Quen, EVER.

Garmin Hater
No Minimap allowed (Turn off in Options. You can still bring up the main map for navigation. This is more immersive.)

Know Your Enemy
No boss or enemy health bars allowed (Turn off in Options. Again, very immersive.)

Get Off My Lawn
No looting huts, houses, forts, businesses, or anywhere that someone owns or is clearly inhabiting. If a hut, village, or shed appears deserted, THEN you may loot it. If it appears to possibly be in use/inhabited, err on the side of NO LOOTING. This makes materials of all types immensely more rare and valuable.

You cannot buy ANYTHING from ANYONE. (You can still craft items and repair at smiths, though).

Basic Bitch
No Witcher items or armor allowed

Fancy Boy
Witcher items ONLY, no other armor or weapons allowed

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Off The Sauce
No Potions or Decoctions allowed

No Fast Travel allowed (except when needed to leave a map/enter a new map)

Mere Mortal
No Signs allowed in combat (Signs can be used for story missions and quests, to light fires, clear terrain, etc. but nothing in combat)

Dark Souls
Can only meditate at bonfires or places of increased safety (inns, taverns, somewhere secure. Cannot meditate outdoors or in the wilderness unless by a bonfire)

Lead Into Gold
Alchemy abilities only, no augmentation of Combat, Signs, or General abilities allowed

No repairs allowed; if something breaks, discard it, sell it, dismantle it, etc. but you cannot repair anything

If you die even once, it's GG. You must start a completely new game. Delete the file and move on, son.

Try just getting through White Orchard with the following:
Quen Quitter
Get Off My Lawn
Garmin Hater
Know Your Enemy


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