The Witcher

Ciri is a Witcher

Spoiler for the book and Witcher 3.

First let me say that I'm not trying to start a fight, and I mean that in the most sincere and unironic way possible.

I read both here and the other Witcher subreddit that some say Ciri is not a Witcher. So she can't be the next protagonist in the fourth Witcher game. But she is a Witcher.

  1. Not having gone through the mutation doesn't make her not a Witcher. In the book, a child of destiny supposedly doesn't require mutations to become a Witcher (I'm 90% sure but correct me if I'm wrong.) And from what I remember, a child of destiny is a child a Witcher gets from the law of surprise, not just Ciri. And, even though she's not mutated, she's not completely human. She has elder blood and can drink Witcher potions (with unpredictable effects but still).

  2. if you get the Ciri "Witcher" ending in the base game, the ending scene description in English says this: "soon, word of the ashen-haired WITCHERESS had spread…."

  3. If you get Ciri ending in BaW too, she mentions being a Witcher including drinking black blood while hunting vampire and also dealing with prejudice against witchers. She can just say she's part elf or just really talented swordswoman but she doesn't. She fully embraces being a Witcher, the good and the bad.

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So my point is, let the girl be a witcheress. She deserves it. And I would personally love to play her as a protagonist in the next game. Although I read here some really good other theories too.

Um. Thanks for reading How do I end a post like this lol

Edit: thought of more points.

  1. Many times in the book, Ciri is referred as "witcher girl" or "girl witcher"

  2. At the end of the Isle of Mists quest, when Ciri and Geralt are talking by the fire, Ciri mentions that Vesmir taught her how to take care of the swords and says "A witcher never, ever, forgets to care for his blades". She took this to heart, obviously. So, she considers herself a witcher too (notwithstanding the male pronoun. I consider this to be a general male pronoun that's used for a nonspecific person.)

  3. Even if you get the empress ending for Ciri, Geralt still tells her "You are a witcher" and she doesn't deny that she's a witcher. She is just choosing not to live as one but become an empress (eventually). Like a doctor or a lawyer with license but choosing not to practice (and become a comedian)

  4. If you get the bad ending, the description is that she was never seen again after the Unvik. Doesn't mean she didn't come back, just that no one that knew her saw her.

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For those who are worried about nullifying choices if Ciri is the protagonist. I think it might be REALLY cool, if they can work in some dialogues and cutscenes that connect the stories. Like Ciri and Geralt seeing each other after years (I'm assuming the game is set years after BaW) and Geralt apologizing for all the horrible choices he (you) made, since he did really feel bad afterwards. Or maybe Ciri got tired of empress-training and snuck out for an adventure or the empire's in trouble and Ciri is set on a mission only she can solve as an Elder Blood.

I'm going to stop writing, or I will write all night.

**2nd edit for clarification.


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