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Could use some guidance regarding Gwent. Longtime player, brand new to this card/mini-game

Content of the article: "Could use some guidance regarding Gwent. Longtime player, brand new to this card/mini-game"

TLDR: Could use a willing gwent player to help explain to me how gwent works so I can unlock my last 3 Achievements in TW3 to 100% it.

Hi there, I have been playing TW3 since it's release, 5 different playthroughs and have 919 current hours in it. I have not, however, 100% it (Though I would like to as it is one of my favorite games) due to one thing: Gwent. People go nuts over gwent but I have always just loved TW3 for it's storytelling/quests etc. but really want to 100% it. I don't get Gwent at all. Not just in a "I can't get into it" kind of way, but in a "I literally don't understand how it is played/managed/how to get all the gwent related achievements" way. I've spent hours trying to understand it just for the sake of getting these achievements but end simply just frustrating myself. I've spent days googling tutorials, achievement walkthroughs, but haven't gotten anywhere. (Comments ive seen like "lol why make a guide at all? gwent is so easy" are a little discouraging)

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Thanks to some mods, I currently have only 3 achievements related to gwent left I need to obtain, "Geralt and Friends", "All In" and "Killed It" but feel just hopeless at this point. I just don't understand how the game works or how I can obtain these achievements. From what I gather, its a game all depending on chance on what cards you initially draw per round. And if you don't draw the right ones, I may as well forfit and try again. I'm sure someone will tell me I'm wrong but that's just to give an idea of where I am mentally with this minigame. I'll admit to not wanting to like gwent, I literally just want to learn just enough to unlock these last 3 achievements and hopefully never touch it again.

If anyone who is kind enough to maybe help run me through enough to help me get these last 3 achievements I'd be super grateful. Thanks in advance.

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Also, if you are this person, do the world a favor: instead of posting "Git gud" or "Google it lol" just ignore the post altogether please, if you are going to go that route.


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