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Elven civilisation in Witcher is inspired by classical Rome theory

Content of the article: "Elven civilisation in Witcher is inspired by classical Rome theory"

I may either be stating the obvious or completely missing the point, but here are a few reasons why I think there is a deep resemblance between the fallen civilisation of the Aen Seidhe and the Roman Empire. I’m sure there are plenty of people on this subreddit who know way more about the Witcher than me, so please do correct me if I’m getting anything wrong.

-Major cities and towns such as Novigrad and Oxenfurt are built on the ruins of Elven cities, as many cities in Europe were built on the foundations of Roman ones.

-The Elder speech of the Aen Seidhe is a specialised language used by mages and scholars, as Latin was used by the Church and social elites in the Middle Ages.

-The greatest power on the Continent, Nilfgaard, was founded by humans who mixed with elves, and retained much of Elven customs and culture (according to the World of the Witcher book.) This is reminiscent of successor states to the Roman Empire such as the Byzantines.

-Nilfgaardian, Skellige and Zerrikanean dialects all derive from Elder Speech, as the Romance languages of Western Europe derived from Latin.

-Elven supremacy on the continent was destroyed by migrating humans, who after the first landing carved out the Northern Kingdoms from original Elven land. This holds similarity to traditional historiography on the fall of Rome during the age of migration, with migrating germanic tribes creating kingdoms out of former Roman provinces.

-This is solely based on observations from playing Witcher 3, but Elven ruins suggest the superiority of their culture compared to contemporary human society. This is similar to popular perceptions of the Middle Ages being technologically and culturally inferior to the preceding classical age of Rome.

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