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Emhyr dying/losing the war is complete BS even if Geralt refuses to assasinate Radovid

Content of the article: "Emhyr dying/losing the war is complete BS even if Geralt refuses to assasinate Radovid"

I don't care if Radovid is a tactical genius, how can he possibly defeat/hold Emhyr without mages? Mages and sorceresses are the nukes of the witcher universe. They single handedly decide the outcome of every battle/war (Sabrina/Triss can engulf the whole battlefield on fire, Yen burried alive 1/3 of a cavalry division with a single magic rock, etc.)

Even if the imperial mages are not as strong or flashy as the previous examples, they could still animate some stone golems for the frontlines. They are the perfect infantry? They don’t need to eat/drink/sleep, I don't think they feel pain, they are massive and strong, etc.

Radovid basically handicapped himself with his witch hunts. How many mages that managed to escape would gladly pledge their services to Nilfgaard in order to avenge their loved ones that were probably horribly tortured and burned in the stake.

Let's ignore the mages and say that in the best scenario for Radovid, he doesn't face the bulk of the black army head on, but instead focuses on guerilla tactics like Roche's Blue Stripes: supply lines raids, favorable skirmishes, swamp monsters attack nilfgaardian camps and a plague spreads on the survivors to top it all off; the soldiers are massively starving, or dying from uncared wounds and disease, huge desertion levels and Nilfgaard is finally forced to march home.

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What then? The opposition is not happy with Emhyr even when he managed to conquer Temeria and take Vizima? They were happy enough with just Cintra on the second war, but whatever, they still want him dead because they consider him not effective enough to conquer the whole continent once and for all, so they just stabbed him in the open a la Julius Caesar? Some pompous aristocrats that have never done any real work in their entire lives, armed only with knifes managed to get past/kill the Impera Brigade? The most loyal/fanatical, best-trained and best-equiped bodyguards of the entire empire? That's very hard to believe.

Let's say they try to poison him, bet Emhyr has a food tasters and he's guarded 24/7, no one is able to shoot him with an arrow, crowbow bolt, poison dart. He's the most powerful ruler in the world, he's untouchable. So that ending is weak af, what do you think?


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