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Ending of Lady of the Lake Spoilers for books and little bit of games

Content of the article: "Ending of Lady of the Lake Spoilers for books and little bit of games"

I just finished the lady of the lake. I decided after playing the first 2 games that I wanted to read the books before playing the third, so that's the extra context I have in addition to the books.

I have to say, the entire ending made me really uncomfortable. I knew the pogrom was coming from playing the games but was still really impacted when I read it. I understand that Sapkowski couldn't ( ( and as much as I would have enjoyed it, shouldn't) have had a simple happy ending, but something about this left me deeply unsatisfied. First of all, regarding the crossover with the Arthurian legends, and the three main characters leaving to live on (sort of) in different universe/world/dimensions, it made me feel like the original witcher world was being tossed aside, or didn't matter.

This leaves behind all of the "ordinary" characters, who I always felt were more compelling–to me, the supporting characters, and ordinary people are always what makes a world feel alive, far more so than the development of the main characters. As such, the (relatively unceramonious) deaths of Cahir, Milva, Regis, and Angouleme felt real bad, as did the way that Sapskowski tossed aside the conflicts of the continent.

In relation to the games, I feel a lot less bad about killing Yaevinn, and siding with White Rayla, given that Yaevinn is literally a terrorist. I have to admire how well CDPR did with storytelling in the first two (especially the second) witcher games. They managed to write fantastic campanions and rivals with compelling motives. I know some people can't stand him, but I really liked Siegfried. In the second game, I sided with Iorveth in my main playthrough and loved the idea of a free Upper Aedirn, and how that part of the story played out. My point here is that the supporting characters made the game for me and and the way that Sapkowski sort of drops all the happenings of ordinary people at the of LOTL made me unhappy.

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Ultimately, with my feelings toward Geralt, Yen and Ciri living happily ever after, with all their friends, I felt betrayed, but in some sense especially so because I knew I was going to be but didn't accept it. Sapkowski makes it quite obvious that it's not simply going to be a happy ending, especially with things like Reynalt's "offscreen" death. However, he does a good job of stringing you along, and making you REALLY REALLY want to believe that everything is going to be ok, with things like Dandelion's last minute save from decapitation.

Of course I don't blame him for this, as the role of novels is not to make you feel good, but I would love to have some other opinions, explanations, or head canons.

I haven't really thought this out completely, having just finished the book an hour ago, so I will probably edit in more thoughts as they come. Please no spoilers for witcher 3, as I'm about to start my playthrough, and I've been trickled too many spoilers already from looking things up while reading the books and playing the first two games.


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