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Finally finished The Witcher Trilogy

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These games have become my new favorite gaming franchise of all time. I went into the Witcher 1 expecting it to be very archaic in terms of combat, which it was, but the story hooked me and kept me playing through the god awful gameplay. The Witcher 2 improved on everything from the first one, from combat, to the armor, to the story, which I didn’t think would happen, but wow. The mystery of who was behind the murders of so many people was fantastic, and Letho was a great antagonist for Geralt (plus the whole ending section (i.e. last half hour) was epic!). Finally, the Witcher 3. I can’t really add much to the conversation with this one because its all been said, but ill just say that the whole game was just breathtaking! The game looks gorgeous on PC without any mods required! The game looks as though it could have come out this past year! This game perfected everything the previous games laid the foundations for. Story: excellent! Combat: fantastic! Mechanics: intuitive! Everything from the Witcher 3 is what I’d like to see in more games!(which unfortunately won’t happen due to the innate greed of essentially the entire game industry) The fact that CDPR made this massive game that will hold up for many, many more years is nothing short of astonishing and has certainly made them my favorite developer out there. Geralt has become one of my favorite protagonists ever. The way hes just there to get a job done and doesnt take anyones bullsh*t is awesome and hilarious. I really hope that the Witcher series continues in game form, yet at the same time, Blood and Wine was a fantastic end to Geralts story. So I would love to see the series developed further, with a brand new caste of characters, maybe we could see who Dandelion was telling the story to from the Witcher 3! Or maybe a prequel game with Vesemir as the player character! The possibilities are so endless and I apologize if it seems like I rambled a lot in this, but I can’t help but be excited with this franchise!

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