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Finished my first run of TW3 (including both expansions) and I have some questions before I begin my NG+ run.

Content of the article: "Finished my first run of TW3 (including both expansions) and I have some questions before I begin my NG+ run."

First of all, I'm feeling empty af after finishing this game and I'm planning to start a NG+ run on deathmarch in a few days.

Now to begin with the questions I have-

  1. I'm almost lvl 53 rn and find it incredibly difficult to lvl up anymore. I've read some people saying that you must be lvl 61 before ng+ to reach lvl 100 by the end of ng+ and get the legendary gear and bla bla. Doing the side quests I left earlier feels pointless as I'm too op for them and they only grant me 1-10 xp and are in no way helping me lvl up. Destroying monster nests or visiting abandoned sites isn't helping that much either. So should I just start ng+ anyway? Is it possible for me to reach lvl 100 by the end of my ng+ run if I start at lvl 52-53? And if it's not possible then how should I reach lvl 61 now before I begin ng+?

  2. Is the mutations system going to stick with me right from the beginning of ng+? And if yes then how would you recommend me to reconfigure my skill tree and mutations to get the best build for ng+ deathmarch? I'm kind of a combat centric player but would love to combine that with signs or alchemy, whichever works best.

  3. I have not all but plenty of potions, decoctions and oils, some enhanced and some superior. Should I try to craft the remaining ones as well or the popular ones like ekhidna decoction, hangman's venom, superior black blood, superior northern winds, etc. are good enough?

  4. What items in my inventory like gear, weapons, alchemy ingredients, diagrams, etc. will carry forward to ng+? Can I leave them with Geralt or am I required to transfer everything I want to carry forward to ng+ to my stash? Which also brings me to- will I get to keep my money or will I start from 0?

  5. How useful is the current gear and weapons in ng+? I have grandmaster wolven but I'm also trying to craft gm ursine (and just maybe- the feline set), so is it worth it to get more gm sets before ng+ or they get outdated in ng+ easily? Same question for some relic swords I was hoarding, should I get rid of them or save them for ng+? I also have the Aerondight, Toussaint Knight's steel sword (crafted), hen-gaidth and tesham mutna steel swords.

These are all the questions I can think of rn but if there's anything else you would like to advice me on before I begin ng+ then you're most welcome to.

Sorry for the long post, here's a 🥔


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