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Gangs of Novigrad and Get Junior (No Failed Objectives)

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(This post contain spoilers – also am playing on v1.31 with both expansions)

I'm quite of a completionnist and when i accept a quest, i don't like failing it or partially failing it. This means a little red cross in the list of the quest objectives drives me nuts even if the quest is considered a success and completed.

So I have been looking around on Reddit and on wiki's for the past 24 hours to find a way to complete both of these quests without having any failed objective listed in the quests. I have found quite extensive walkthroughs but all either seem to not work anymore or led to both quests completion but still had a failed objective.

Methods I have seen :

– Do it the way "normal way' : Ask Cleaver for help and rush the casino & the arena. This however will not let you play Gwent in the casino and Rushing the arena will give you a failed objective to enter the arena as Zdenek

– Do it half way : First do the Casino, then ask Cleaver for help on the Arena. This method lets you play Gwent in the casino, get the rewards from it but even if you don't talk to the dwarves in front of the arena, both the arena entrance guards will be aggressive as you approach so you will not be able to enter the arena as Zdenek. Again a failed objective and you get half the Gangs of Novigrad rewards for cooperating only for half of the objectives.

– Reconsider Cleaver's Help : This method is kind of tricky and tells you to go to Cleaver to trigger the Gangs of Novigrad quest but to decline his offer for help. This will add a "Reconsider Cleaver's offer" in the Gangs of Novigrad objectives. Then do both the Casino and Arena by yourself. And the go talk to Cleaver again to accept his help before talking to Reuven. This "should" complete the Gangs of Novigrad quest however if found myself in a bug/loop where Geralt tells Cleaver "I'm not interested in your squabbles" when he should instead accept Cleaver's help. Leading you to fail Gangs of Novigrad later when you go to the house in Oxenfurt

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So here is how I have done it.

Before talking with Cleaver, i went straight to the arena and entered as Zdenek and did all the fights and stuff leading to the dwarves inviting themselves to the party after the monster fights. But at least you have a success on the "enter as Zdenek" objective. Then i went to ask Cleaver for help on the Casino part. Here I especially paid attention to NOT talk with Cleaver's men before going to the casino. Both guards in front of the casino are then non aggressive and you can enter any way you like (i used Axii). I was able to play gwent and do the quest as if i did it by myself without Cleaver's men's help (means you play gwent, go upstairs, free Rico, and murder everyone on you way out of the casino). I then went out of the casino, talked to Cleaver's men and said that i was ready to rush the casino. They then head to the casino and you get a quest update as soon as you open the casino door. If you enter the casino again, some of the casino guys which you murdered 2 minutes ago are miraculously resurrected and you can kill them a second time. After this i went back to Cleaver and completed Gangs of Novigrad.

The only downside of this method is that Cleaver tells you that his men had to invite themselves to the arena, that you did not fully cooperate and he gives you only half the quest rewards. But you have no red marker in your objectives list. As a completionist I'm now only missing one thing … the objective to do the arena with Cleaver's men is not listed in the Gangs of Novigrad quest, its just missing .. but at least there is no red cross in my objectives :p

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And yes, Locked doors drive me nuts as well 😀


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