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Gwent: The Easy Guide

Noticing a lot of posts lately about people having problems with Gwent, or not understanding how to build their deck. Here I’ll discuss the early game deck I use, which is very simple to build and can easily be used to build into a top-tier deck.

If this gets enough traction I’ll make a strategy guide, as well as a guide into transitioning into a higher level deck.

First things first, the best cards are going to be locked behind questlines. There are a few that can be bought, and those are what we are going to discuss here, but early game you’re going to have to rely on at least a little skill to win the harder games.

You’ll want to grab the Northern Realms deck, with the Siege Commander Foltest leader card. This card acts as a Commander Horn to your 3rd row, which will prove invaluable. Next, look into the locations of Blue Stripes Commando, Crinfrid Reavers Dragon Hunter, and Catapult. There are 3 of the first 2, and 2 of the latter. The Tight Bond ability in these cards will give you unparalleled numbers.

After that, you’ll want 2 each of the Commander Horn, Decoy, and Scorch cards. All of these can be bought. You can add a 3rd Decoy if you like, but it’s all personal preference. For the Scorch cards, you’ll have to go to Skellige for at least one of them, so while you’re there swing by Arinbjorn and grab the Thaler spy card. Be sure to grab the Gaunter O’Dimm: Darkness cards back in Velen, there’s 3 to pick up and their Muster ability makes for a great early game play. If you want you can also throw a Biting Frost in there to take care of those Monster decks.

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There you are, you’ve built an early game deck. Make sure you have a decent amount of siege units (there are 2 Ballista and 2 Trebuchet you can buy), and you’re good to go. Any spaces you need filled after you have all these cards in your deck can just be filled with the highest value cards you currently have.


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