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Help (Storywise) – Accents in the Witcher (BA Thesis)

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I don't know if this Witcher subreddit is the right place to go and ask for advice, but I thought I might give it a try.

I'm currently writing my bachelor thesis about accents and their stereotypes used in The Witcher video game series (The Witcher 1-3) and I'm progressing quite good, I'm a bit more than halfway through. :))

Since it has been a few years that I played the games I procrastinated the chapter about "the world/story of the witcher". I'm not missing a lot in my BA so it was/is time to write about the story in general, to give the reader a brief overview about the game and its story/conflicts/motives. The text at the bottom is what I wrote about the world of the Witcher so far.

I thought that there might be some kind people in this sub who could either write a better overview or add some things here and there. The text/explanation is only about a page long but it would be nice to have a bit more text and information, to give some more insight into the world. Sadly I'm hitting a barricade right now and cant think of anything else to add. The passage about the origin of witchers was taken from the compendium/witcher wiki, but I'm not really satisfied with what I wrote so far.

Maybe there are some witcher enthusiasts here who would be willing to help me to give a good or better overview about the in game world.

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Thank you in advance.

In the game the player embodies the protagonist Geralt of Rivia, a professional witcher who travels through the land and gets paid for slaying all kinds of monsters. His trademarks are his long white hair and two different swords, one iron and one silver, which he usually carries on his back. The silver one is used to slay monsters and the iron one is used to fight humanoid enemies like humans or cyclopes.In the ‘in-game’ world, witchers came into existence some centuries ago. Created through controlled mutations and magical experimentation, they were humanity’s answer to the constant threat posed by the magical beasts and monsters which have plagued the world since the “Conjunction”. Witchers were trained in combat from childhood on, their bodies are aging more slowly; they are immune to almost all kinds of poison and diseases and through various potions they are even able to gain unparalleled strength and reflexes. They are master swordsmen which are also able to use simple, but highly effective magic. Because of those remarkable skills they mostly travel through the land as professional monster hunters, but the wild rumors surrounding this trade made witchers the targets of persecution and outright hatred. Humans began hunting witchers down as well as burning and plundering their schools until there were just a few left. (The Witcher Wiki)

The world of ‘The Witcher’ is a world coined by several motives like poverty, racism, and war as well as the constant and ongoing conflict between humans and nonhumans. Nonhumans is a snide hypernym used to refer to all other civilized humanoid races beside humans like: Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Halflings etc.

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