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How to build a Geralt levels 1-3 ( Deathmarch guide)

• This is the first part of a series, expected upload rate= 1-2 a day. I'm just posting this to see how it is received - consider it a draft • Provides a strong build that can handle deathmarch difficulty ( with enemy upscaling on) • Use whichever armor set you want -or use the feline armor like me • Will use a blend of combat, alchemy, signs and general skills ( mostly combat and alchemy) • This will be a strong build but still provides some challenge - which personally I enjoy 

A special thanks to youtube channel : Phoenix237 for a lot of the things I have learned

White orchard:

• I looted everything I could, killed some farm animals for food (never kill more then 5 cows as a high level chort will spawn) • I got lots of honeycomb by using igni on beehives and looting them • I got all 6 places of power • I crafted the upgraded warrior's leather jacket • I got the steel and silver serpentine ( viper ) swords. • Did a few side quests • Crafted some alchemy stuff - swallow, bombs and specter oil 

Ability number 1= Griffin school techniques

This is the first skill I get. It means that your sign intensity goes from 0-20% and this is really good because your chance to set enemies on fire with igni goes from 44-54%. Igni is a great weapon early on -especially on death march and so this is a great bonus as enemies on fire will be interrupted and take damage over time. Your Quen shield also goes from 200-240 which is equal to the boost provided by 2 greater glyphs of quen. Secondly it will also triple stamina regeneration from 10/s to 30/s which is insane. This means you can use signs like quen and igni way more often and makes a huge difference

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Ability number 2: Muscle memory 5/5

This is a great skill. It will boost fast attack damage by 25%. The increase is 25% of your sword's base damage. For example;

When I read the description of the Viper ( crafted serpentine) silver sword it says 112-138 damage. Now when I equip muscle memory (5/5) my silver sword fast attack and fast attack critical hit damage both go up by 30. 30 is 25% of 120 and 120 is inbetween that base value of 112-138.

This means that this ability will scale to your sword as you level up – which is great. Most abilities in this game also work off of a base value


As we enter Velen, it also becomes apparent why I opted to not get the ability Gourmet.

While Gourmet is good, it is completely unneeded on this playthrough.

Step 1: The first thing I do in Velen is take an easy route to Novigrad ( please refer to the video).

We will not be fighting any enemies or doing any quests, we will be going there to;

A) Loot as much food and alcohol as you can – this will set you up for the rest of the game and means you don't need gourmet. Just don't loot when a guard is nearby!

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B) Use Hierarch square as a central hub for selling our goods – this will give us the best rates and after exchanging currency at the bank we can also take a loan that we will never w need to repay

That's it for this episode


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