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How to go about the Witcher Universe and the sequence to read or play for people with different mindset.

So I've seen a lot of players asking about what to do first, read the books or play the games or watch the series? I'm going to follow three different routes here so it might help you all decide on a "Route" that might affect the outcome of your quest.

The Gamers' Route If you've started with the games and if I'm not guessing wrong, it must be Witcher 3. Then I suggest that you finish the game then read the books then go for the first two games. I know it's a tedious process and there are a few non-readers, but it's worth a try. You get to understand every little reference in the games and get many "Leo DiCaprio pointing at the TV" moments in games. Furthermore, you know the background of all the characters in-game, like where did Geralt meet Zoltan Chivay or Regis and also you develop a connection with Yennefer, you'll understand all the Provinces and know where the Ofieri Cutlass actually comes from, you'll understand why Toussaint isn't touched by Nilfgaard and why Radovid is the way he is. I'm a gamer myself and I started with Witcher 3, I didn't get half the references myself and was very confused when I had to kill Silé de Tansarvill or who was Phillipa Eilhart in the first place. But it makes a lot of sense once you read the books.

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The Witcher Netflix Route This route is for the new influx of fans the universe has received and I respect them. There's a lot of hate for new people as being not influenced by games or the books, but should be equally supportive of the people. So, I'll suggest you not read the books if you want to enjoy the show, even if the show decides to go a different way on the fork, it's inevitable to avoid certain deaths. So it's better to steer off the books. I suggest giving the games a little try, the games take almost 6 years after the books end, if I'm not wrong, feel free to correct me, and I don't think the series has enough seasons planned to incorporate all of the content on the books and the games. The games are a fun way to broach the universe and you might start gaming, which is a win-win. The setup you need isn't the very best, at least for the first two games. Witcher 3 can be a little demanding but it can be played on low-end PCs too. The games are pretty cheap the moment with the Steam sale going on and I suggest you buy them. Support the creators that make the content for you. But if you're broke and still want to enjoy some stuff I hear FitGirl has some stuff going on. Console players can enjoy them too with nothing much to add. I'll add the links for the games in the edit.

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Edit- The links for The Witcher

The Witcher 2

The Witcher 3

The Reader's Route This route is relevant to only a few at the moment but I think it should be here nonetheless. This is for the people who have just finished reading the books because the series came out and you wanted to read them first so that you get the best experience, like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings or every other book adaptation there is. I think it's safe to say that the Netflix series hasn't disappointed yet except for a few choices, but you cannot blame them. I'm going to suggest something that you may not like in the beginning but it's a good idea. I suggested it to some of my friends and they really enjoyed this. GO FOR THE GAMES FIRST. Firstly you'll appreciate Henry Cavill all the more for the role he's playing and secondly, the series is going to take a little time to complete, I think at least 5 more years. The games have a really interesting story and you'll appreciate all the actors and the direction on the series even more. This is connoisseur stuff here but 100/10 highly recommended. I'll drop the links for the games here and if you've bought the books, buying the games would not be much of a problem, readers and gamers are often broke 🙃.

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This is just my advice and I'm open to having a discussion about this. Rather than trying to troll each other and tYpE LiKe tHiS, it's better to have an open discussion.

Cheers and Toss a Coin to your Witcher. 3. Farewell Edit- spellings and links


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