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[HUGE SPOILERS] First B&W completion and a little talk about the game’s endings in general.

Content of the article: "[HUGE SPOILERS] First B&W completion and a little talk about the game’s endings in general."

So, I have just been overwhelmed by B&W's ending and the barrage of quests in the end. Detlaff was a great fight, though it's a Dark Souls 3 boss that you must fight with the Witcher fighting system. This was my second time through the main game and HoT, but first time through B&W cause last time I spent all my money on armor and lost interest for this great game. This time around I had 200k crowns ready and managed to craft the armor for about 16k.

I cannot express how fucking awesome it is that a video game can make me feel such powerful emotions. I got the bad ending and permanently read about it (I'm that type of guy shoot me through the throat with a crossbow).

And after reading about both endings I noticed that here they've done the same thing as with the main game endings. What I'm trying to say is don't you think that the third witcher which is fantastic in all aspects has such a stupid way of giving you endings? Main game: nothing you do affects the ending, apart from 10% of the game in the end and even there it's really strange (i got Ciri is witcher ending both times cuz I like it most) because actions you must perform aren't logical. I told her to calm down in Avalac'h's main lab and boom, minus one for the good ending so I had to load, coming with her to bury Skjall and not bringing her to Emhyr are completely logical decisions, BUT WRECKING SHIT, PLAYING SNOWBALLS AND LETTING CIRI RISK THIS WHOLE DIMENSION CAUSE SHE WANTS TO FIGHT EREDIN LIKE ALL THE COOL KIDS as for me are all kind of a stretch.

As for B&W it's absolutely as absurd for me. To get the good ending you need to: 1. Hear Syanne's story (50/50 logical) 2. Read all entries in the journal before entering the Fable (50/50 logical) 3. Investigate the 5th victim (logical) 4. CHOOSE THE DIALOGUE OPTION THE DEV'S SAY IS CORRECT AFTER SHE ADMITS SHE WOULD TRY TO KILL HER SISTER IF SHE SET HER FREE

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And the funniest shit is that I followed logic and shit talked her. She is a killer, a manipulator, kinda crazy, asshole, fucked Geralt only because he could come in handy later who is just out for revenge that she in fact got, Detlaff killed the knights who abused her and threw her out, but she thinks her sister who is only nice to her and loves her dearly should die for her unexisting sins. And if you don't guess the reason she wants to kill her sis your previous actions go to nothing and you get the bad ending.

This is the best game ever made, but I don't get these parts of it. If someone understands this, I'm willing to read your explanation. Have a nice one.


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