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I came to repent. I’m actually liking The Witcher 3.

Guys… I'm not even sure what to say. Just for a little bit of context, I remember way way back seeing the launch of TW3 and being surprised on how well it was being received. It felt weird how the third entry of a series I badly heard anything about was becoming this new monolith of the open world rpg genre. At first I looked at it and saw how people praised the storytelling and how raw, crude and sexy it could be. I promise I'm far from a prude, but I was also never really that into fanservice in gaming, so having the option to have naughty scenes with Geralt and the ladies didn't grab my attention at all, in fact it pushed me a bit away from it, same for other mature themes and the photo realistic aspect. Please understand, I grew up mostly with Nintendo games and JRPGs, so I wasn't used to games like that at all!

But anyway, time went by, and I finally saw a sale for the Complete Edition of the game, with all DLCs included. "Why not" I thought, so I made the purchase, and started playing.

And… I really, really didn't like it. At first I couldn't even explain what I disliked in it, I think it just felt too clunky to play? Geralt's movement felt too stiff, the combat felt so off, and there were so many mechanics to learn I was quickly overwhelmed. Couple that with a deep narrative from a series I had no previous knowledge, and the whole start of the game felt almost unbearable for me to play. I wanted to like it, I really did, and I kept trying to come back to it, once, twice, thrice, always progressing a teeny tiny bit more, but always giving up soon after.

Years went by, and I don't know what came to me this last week, but I was craving for a good open world game. Breath of the Wild 2 is still far away, and I was pretty burnt out on Skyrim. So, for the umpteenth time, I booted Witcher 3 again. And I can hardly explain what was different this time, but… it finally, finally clicked?

Maybe it was the fact I felt more patient this time, and decided to take my time with the game and actually try to learn to play it, instead of just go through motions. And because of that I could finally start appreciating the intricate narrative, the combat started feeling more compelling since I wasn't just mashing buttons, and I started to actually feel accomplished as I gained more levels and got stronger. I was FINALLY enjoying this game! After so goddamn long!

This might be a common story in this sub and I apologize if this is yet another thread of someone learning to enjoy TW3, but I swear I thought I would never ever understand the appeal of this game. To me it felt like the most overrated game on earth, so I feel so happy to finally understand why so so so many people love it. I can understand why plus also enjoy it in a similar way. I can hardly put on words how satisfied I’m feeling right now.

Suffice to say, I'm finally on board, and I'm still so early too. I just finished the Bloody Baron storyline, and yes I know this is a common part of the game where so many people click with it. Guess it really is true, lol. With all that said, though, it's not a flawless experience. I wish the game was a little lighter in its complexity, I'm actually surprised the game did so well despite the massive learning curve. Or maybe I'm just a dummy, who knows.

I still think the game feels a bit clunky sometimes, specially with Geralt's movement and interaction with the overworld. But it's not something that annoys me as much as it used to do. At the end of the day, with these minor gripes aside, the game has so much to offer, and I can't wait to continue playing and see for myself how this tale ends. There’s a lot to love here, and for someone who fought for so long on how I thought Skyrim was the better open world RPG, I can see now how this one could thrive more on so many aspects. It’s a very special game, and now I finally can see it.


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