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I didn’t know what I expected but it wasn’t this…

I played the witcher last year and at the time didn't have a large amount of time to dedicate to it.. an hour here… 30 mins there. I reached around 14 hours of play, around level 8 or 9 or something I think. So far the game was decent but felt very empty for me so I decided to give it a break for some time.the first time I played, I went in cold. I knew none of the lore, no characters, beast, spells. I didn't even know what a sign was, and researched little to nothing about the game or how it plays.

With my interest peaked by Cyberpunk 2077, I thought to myself maybe the witcher 3 ( their previous project, isn't all that empty and uninteresting. So I took to Google and type in "what makes "the witcher 3 so good". I found numerous videos about the attention yo detail in the game, things you should know before you start etc. So my enthusiasm and interest started to peak, I learned that every cave i passed and thought "oh that's probably something to do with a later quest", was actually ripe and ready for the taking with a detailed quest waiting for me if only I'd step inside. I started to realise the randomness of the game, that you can't really wander too far off the beaten track without finding yourself investigating something strange.

So I eventually thought "ok… it's time to give the witcher 3 another go.' I started by exploring a few side quests, and I was suprised with the level of theatrical prowess for something as low grade as an optional side quest. (I was used to the new assasisind creed games that in my opinion have very mundane side quests) then the first mind blowing quest for me that had me in total Aw, was the whole bog fiasco with the children and barons wife and the eventually rescue attempt. Since then I have explored white orchard, some of novigrad and have barely even touched the surface of slellige. (Which is the prettiest place so far)

What spurred me on to write this post was my last quest "the feline witcher gear scavenger hunt". This quest opened up, to me, the world of crafting and how rewarding it was, to have put so much effort into acquiring your gear, the feeling that comes with donning it for the first time. The dungeons and dragons style quest to retrieve the gear, the eeriness of it all! These are all aspects that left me hungry for more! I'm now level 17, around 45hours in and I hope this game never ends. I'll be taking my time with this one.

I suppose this post goes against the old saying "if you aren't enjoying a game, don't force yourself to play it." In this instance I guess the game needed more time to open its black hole and draw me in. I haven't enjoyed a game this much since Metro 2033. And I'm a die hard metro fan.


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