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I just finished reading all the books. What a journey…

After reading all the books, this is my personal ranking starting from best to (I wouldn't dare to say worst because I loved them all) slightly worse:

Sword of Destiny > Time of Contempt > Baptism of Fire > The Lady of The Lake > The Tower of The Swallow > Season of Storms > The Last Wish > Blood of Elves.

The second collection of short stories is my absolute favorite and "A little sacrifice" definetly stands out from everything else. I had never cried while reading and Essi's sudden death made me do just that.

I also felt like the succession of events in Time of Contempt was perfectly narrated and leaves a perfect cliffhanger to what's to come, after Vilgefortz gives Geralt the beating of his life and leaves him to the brink of death. I remember finishing that book and immediately starting the next one.

Baptism of Fire introduced Regis and that battle on the bridge… So. Fucking. Epic. I didn't expect that at all and it delivered quite some excitement.

It was kind of difficult to decide between The Tower of The Swallow and Lady of The Lake, but I endend up preferring the latter because of the scores settled between Geralt and Vilgefortz and even better: Ciri and Bonhart. Those travels in time and space were very entertaining and I couldn't wait for the next challenge awaiting Ciri.

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I know that Season of Storms is generally the least favorite, I don't understand why though. I really apprecited the plot twist regarding the "demon" in The Hills and the action sequences (specially the battle between a barehanded Geralt and one of Rissberg's experiments).

I loved The Last Wish. Maybe I put it low on the list because it's the first book and I still had to get used to Sapkowski's writing. English isn't my first language, which is why I think that I need to read it a second time in order for me to truly appreciate it. Despite that, the battle between Geralt and the Bruxa is amazing, as well as the story related to it.

The end of Blood of Elves heralds the war which slowly develops in the next novels. I liked the battle between Geralt and Rience and also the way Sapkowski introduced Yennefer to Ciri and how they started to have a mother-daughter relationship. It didn't surprise me as much as the other books, but I like it a lot nontheless.

What do you guys think? How would you rank them and why?


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