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I know I’m several years late, but here me out. *SPOILERS*

Content of the article: "I know I’m several years late, but here me out. *SPOILERS*"

Alright, first off, don’t know how to do the spoiler redacted thing, so just don’t read if you don’t want the ending spoiled. Also, obligatory apology for mobile usage, etc. etc.

 Ok. I’m not very happy with this ending. I avoided spoilers, ended up with the bad one, and I just really didn’t enjoy it. Don’t get me wrong, that final shot of Geralt getting swarmed by drowners was amazing, but I really wasn’t expecting it, and it definitely left a very bad taste in my mouth. Here are my genuine reasons as to why. Just kidding! There’s only one reason, and it’s the “Calm down,” dialogue choice. I didn’t take the gold, and of course I visited the grave with Ciri. I felt really bad for that poor kid. Sure, I can see why saying “Oh don’t worry, you don’t have to be good at everything.” was the wrong choice. And even though the game spent hours telling me the Lodge was trying to trick and manipulate Ciri, and I couldn’t trust the Lodge around Ciri, I get why attending that meeting was the wrong choice. But telling my surrogate daughter not to trash her innocent and very helpful friends house? That’s where it draws the line? Why?! Why is that worth the two playable characters dying? I don’t understand. Bonus: why don’t your (potentially) final words count for anything? Before she goes to fight the white frost? If telling her not to destroy a man’s living arrangements is worth committing what effectively amounts to double suicide over, then surely saying “I forbid you from fulfilling your destiny, get your inexplicably and eternally floofed out shirt back here right now!” Is worth dying over too? Point is, I don’t think the ways you get to the endings were handled well at all, even if the endings themselves were, and I’m kinda sad that I won’t end up playing the DLC’s. (Just to clarify, this is not because I’m eternally pissed at the game, I just wouldn’t feel right playing through them as characters who die horrible and unfulfilling deaths, and I’m definitely not replaying the game. Finding all those goddamn wolven gear diagrams once was enough times for me thank you very much.) 

Anyway, thanks for listening to my rant. Feel free to tell me how dumb my opinion is in the comments. Or maybe this is a popular feeling. Like I said, I avoided spoilers.

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Edit: wrote “commuting” not “committing”


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