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I took the coin from Ciri’s Father

Content of the article: "I took the coin from Ciri’s Father"

I took the coin in this scene. Ciri seems to hate me now and Dandelion's writes in the journal:

Making matters worse, Geralt displayed a complete lack of empathy and accepted the emperor's gold. Rage and a profound disappointment filled Ciri's breast – and, indeed, who could blame her?

From what I've read online, this is a controversial take, but I think it was (or should have been) the right decision. Let me make the case.

  • We're fighting the Wild Hunt. People are putting their lives on the line to save her. We'll need all the money we can get to survive this battle.
  • I was told a few scenes earlier that we'll need help from our enemies to defeat the Wild Hunt
  • If someone I cared about risk their lives, spent several months/years, and countless money saving me, I would hope for them to get something in return. Maybe they can even take a break from their deadly line of work. Or use it to pay off loans or pay back people that helped him?
  • And apparently, if I didn't accept this, I'd still get rewarded a horse which for some reason Ciri is okay with me accepted? Is this right?
  • And apparently. Ciri later takes advantage of her dad's power anyways to become empresses? So it's okay when it benefits her but not those putting their lives on the line to protect her?

I get it. It's a story. There's things a protagonist is "supposed" to do, even when it's not strictly rational for everyone's safety. I hate playing games in only the most predictable way and prefer to use my freedom of choice to roleplay as an actual character so I'm used to getting "bad" endings. And I understand Ciri is not intended to be a rational character. I do wish the game put more nuance into this decision, gave Geralt a chance to argue on his own behalf, and make it less of a binary "incorrect" decision. Especially as I am told almost nothing about why Emhyr is evil and hated by Ciri.

Read:  Can we stop blaming only Yennefer and be reasonable, sensible non-emotionally constipated beings who are not clouded by their bias and understand that both Yennefer and Geralt are at fault for the way their relationship unfolds pre-Ciri?

Anyways, am I the asshole?


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