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I watched the first episode. I haven’t played the game or read the book. This my review.

Content of the article: "I watched the first episode. I haven’t played the game or read the book. This my review."

As I have said earlier this was my first experience with 'the witcher'. I was pretty excited to watch it but to be honest the first episode was a letdown for me. This my review about the first episode of the show:

  1. The fighting between Geralt and kikimori was good, actually the beginning couple of seconds was pretty good but then it went downhill.

  2. The reaction of the people in bar when he entered was predictable, it happens in every show and also the reaction of the henchmen. They had "we will kick the shit out of you" attitude even though they were pretty weak looking. Geralt was stronger if we compare to all of henchmen.

  3. Henry cavil who is Geralt trying too hard to be tough. The deep voice, the angry look, it seems forceful but I really liked him. I had few problems but that comes later.

  4. I really didn't like Renfri, it felt like the director wanted her to be an ideal image of a strong woman so they made her strong. She was acting like she knows everything, I don't understand what they wanted to show us when she drank entire glass of beer in one gulp, that just made me cringe. That women can do that too!! Rubbish! You can probably see that see was trying to be too tough. The way she talks with Geralt or the barkeeper, the adamant nature.

  5. Then come the little girl who is a miniature version of Renfri, who as she is a girl, she likes to travel the world, not limit herself to the old market, telling her mother is stupid. She was eager to learn to be witch and when refused she told the reason was because she is a girl . Geralt doesn't have time to teach you, that's the plain reason. She needs to travel the word,Why? Cause she needs to be more,that's the stupidest thing, everyone has the same thought thats not a big deal girl. And she was saying quite happily that she killed her dog.

  6. Then come another stupid character Stregobor, who thinks himself as gandalf. And how the hell's he thinks creating a garden with naked man and woman will pass the time delightfully. That's plain stupid. (If you look carefully you will realize the naked women are just touching the Apple they were not even plucking it). If Geralt has gone to sell the dead body why was he still there when he was being told to kill someone. Do your business then go. I liked the fact that they made the main villain as a strong woman, Lilith.

  7. Then came the case of the princess who like every other good princess spends time playing with poor citizen, how lovely of her. The ceremony with the Queen and king was pretty stupid too. Here the joker king was having fun with the smart princess. I thing the joker king was by far the stupidest character in the episode even worse than barkeeper. None of his decision matter. All he does is crack jokes. I know woman are strong but don't try to show me in every step.

  8. The Queen seems egoistical and like she has every detail about her kingdom. When the idiot king told that the country will be attacked the Queen shut him down with a quick answer, then shocked when received the truth from her soldier.

  9. The princess, the worst. None can explain. The way she acts, she talks, like she is the most knowledgeable kid.

  10. Then come the conversation between Geralt and Renfri, why the hell she had to tell her about herself to a total stranger. They had just talked for 5 min and if she was going to kill Stregobor, no need to disclose it. And also the sex scene(if we consider that sex) not needed. Maybe the only reason was to tell Geralt that the girl in forest is his destiny.

  11. The fighting between the army and the enemy was pretty average. I laughed when the joker king died and when the Queen was crying. No Queen or king just run into battle at first. They evaluate the fighting then see what needs to be done. If you are fighting then wear the helmet dude don't go showing your face to the enemy. And when the Queen was crying over the idiot dead body, she was completely vulnerable though there were two guards. The enemy should have killed her. But I think the only reason she was alive cause she needs to tell the princess how strong she is, how great she is.

  12. I didn't see any magic. The magic guy told boldly that as long as he hold the magic the castle is safety, then why he left it. Isn't that irresponsible. Also can't they shoot arrow from the castle, they were waiting there patiently.

  13. The princess who acts like a tough girl does nothing but talk big and scream. I think she is a banshee. She doesn't even know a slight bit of swordsmanship and she want to hear about Queens glory who fought she was her age and also demands to go to war.

  14. The fight between Geralt and henchmen was pretty good. You could see the killing intent in his fight. The fight between Renfri and him is pretty good too. Renfri is better, you could see she was fast and quick to use the weapon, she had the killing intent. The only thing that pissed me was Geralt lost his killing intent, he was trying not to kill her. Why!! If she is doing her best to kill him, why can't he do the same. I liked that they didn't solve it with talking, no useless speech about Justice and shit.

  15. The girl marilka in the end told him him to get out of the city,was she dumb. He just saved her. I wish Renfri should have killed her.

  16. I think they are going to tell more about the world cause due to being new to this world I got no idea what they were talking about.

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In the end i am having doubts whether to watch the next episode or not.


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