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Idea: Witcher schools…

My idea is more into lore and my wishes for the Gameplay. The lore: a second conjunction brought all types of new monsters and shit and gave birth to new forms of magic while the old stuff still remains. New witcher schools were needed and they needed to specialize in order to survive.

Wolf school: swift combat with two swords and 5 signs that relys on alchemy and good bladesmanship. The best swordsmen among all witchers. (2 straight swords)

Feline schools: alchemy maniacs with absurd high toxic resistance and a brutal and fast combat technique. The high amounts of toxin makes them uncontrollable and unpredictable (2 swords curved steel and straight silver)

Griffin school: bastardized and adaptive combat. That relys on usage of crossbows and bows and is not very magic affine. Often mistook for hunters. Heavier fighting style good for crowd control (2 straight swords and crossbows)

Ursine school: hard warriors from skellige that value honor and are barbaric maniacs. Brutal and hard hitting combat forms that uses 5 signs aswell often uses axes instead of swords (axes or straight swords)

Manticore school: the classic magic school. Allows the witcher to be very magic affine and use staffs instead of swords 10 signs or even better spells with varying effects (Swords and staffs)

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lion school: the new school from ophir is a bonded to nature and living peaceful with animals and beasts and using the animals for the advantage of themselves Uses staright swords aswell as curved ones but usually just curved ones (3 blades… 2 steel and 1 silver occasionally)

New signs

Tempus: Slows down time Radius: gives more impact to attacks Gritt: grants invisibility for a bit of time

Also pls feel free to give criticism. I have a lot of ideas and some may not be thought out fully so pls have a take in the comments


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