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I’m almost embarassed to ask this…..almost!

TL;DR I'm a rubbish gamer! Can I lower the difficulty on Blood & Wine and Hearts of Stone? Cos I can't kill the giant frog! My difficulty is set to story mode, but it doesn't seem to be set to this on the add ons

First post here, a little long winded I know, sorry

Recently I bought a new PC, originally intended as a hackintosh. This didn't work out (too unstable) so I just installed windows on it. A friend of mine recommended that I game on it as it would be well suited to this task. I had never played a PC game and the last console I owned was a SNES, which I spent the majority of the time playing Super Mario Bros 3. Since COVID struck, I have been shielding and was extremely bored. As I had the PC, I got myself an xbox controller, downloaded steam and bought a couple of games. Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and The Witcher 3. Now because I am very new to gaming and truth be told, absolutely rubbish, I have played them all in story mode. I managed to get to the end of Jedi (great game), gave up on Tomb Raider because I got stuck in a tomb kept dying and couldn't progress any further. The witcher (which has possbily ruined all other games for me) again I played in story mode and I absolutely love it!. I have played it for over 150 hours, and eventually run out of stuff to do. As a result I bought the expansion pass, with Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine. Great I thought, at least another 50+ hours of entertainment. Alas no! No matter what I do, how low the difficulty is set, I cannot progress any further. I've managed to kill a few bandits and spiders, but I am completely unable to kill the frog prince or the vampire woman. I have been at it now for ages, I've made potions, oils, used my signs (or whatever they are called) to no avail. I am stuck at these two scenarios.

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Please someone, for the love of all that is Holy, Please tell me there is a way to play these addons with the difficulty of story mode. I just want to play the game through, watch the cut scenes and immerse myself in this game. I don't hold much hope as the recommended player level was 30 according to the game description. My character is showing as being at level 36, but I play like I am level 5 at most and will no doubt continue to do so. I don't want to be rolling around on the floor, getting drunk on Redanian Ale, suffering blurred vision, all whilst getting thrashed by a giant frog's tongue for days on end. I just want to kill the bloody thing will minimum effort and move on.

Whatever happen to cheat codes, where you pressed up, up, down, down, left, right, left and voila you had infinite lifeforce? Ah they were simpler times….


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