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Impatient Gamer: What elements of the game can I skip/do less, to simplify and enjoy it?

Content of the article: "Impatient Gamer: What elements of the game can I skip/do less, to simplify and enjoy it?"

Not long ago I created a post on how I just can't get into games anymore, even though I crave to play them.

TL;DR of it is that even though I love adventure, fantasy, RPGs (have beaten fallout2, baldurs gate, DA:O etc in the past), for the last few years I just don't have the patience for gaming – whether it's my higher anxiety level/OCD, age where I'm less impressed with stuff, or something missing in life – I get just distracted, anxious, and overwhelmed by games. I used to love all the stuff you had to do in an RPG, and now I just want a simplified version.

I got the Witcher 3, and it's a good looking game – graphics and gameplay seem pretty smooth, and the cutscenes/story seems cool (I also just finished all the books). I want to really give it a shot, maybe not beat it, but enjoy playing for a while.

My question is: What can I skip doing/do less, to make the game less overwhelming and provoking my OCD tendencies to get stuck in details and perfecting and burn out (I'm working on it with a psych). I've realized that in games I get exhausted by trying to explore every part of the map, searching every house, looting everything and examining it all in my inventory, talking to each and every person to exhaust dialogue options, too much inventory and char management, and having to do extra shit like crafting (hate crafting).

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Do I have to explore each house? Loot most things?

Can I skip crafting (alchemy/weapons/armor etc.) and just focus on fighting and signs?

Can I just do mostly the main quest, with some interesting side quests maybe?

What should I be using my money on?

Edit 1: Are there just certain key things I should perhaps loot/craft/sidequests etc? I don't mind if it's a few things, I just tend to go crazy in the details and burn out.

Edit 2: I'm sorry if some of you love the game and I sound like I'm just gutting/perverting this electronic work of art – I really did used to love all the elements, but it's just hard for me now so I'm trying to adapt to enjoying games. I think games used to be simpler back in the day too.


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