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Just left White Orchard.. Overwhelmed.

Content of the article: "Just left White Orchard.. Overwhelmed."

I've finally started this gigantic, beautiful game (late to all the parties) after being a big fan of The Witcher for years now. I've read the books up to Season of Storms & watched the show (mixed feelings like many) but have never played the games due to not really playing rpg's much anymore from time restraints and always feeling overwhelmed with choice in modern games.

Anyways I finally bought The Wild hunt on Xbox One & did everything in White Orchard. I did all question marks, all the contracts on the board, all the monster nests. I just started Velen and now am starting to feel that sense of being over whelmed. I just found out I shouldn't have sold my starting gear so I feel the need to go back and find it to have, I don't feel like I have done much with alchemy or understand it and I keep running out of edibles and don't know where to buy them. Most merchants seem to have a few loafs of bread and maybe a couple onions. I did manage to figure out how to craft the silver Viper sword so thats a plus. Still working on getting the materials to do the steel Viper.

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I did a quest with Keira and fought The Wild Hunt for the first time which was pretty neat, the next part of the quest goes to the bog to find the 3 witches I believe. It was quite a ways away on the map and I decided I would wait on it as I am only level 4 still and wanted to level more. I just started the Bloody Baron quest and am now wondering if I should hold off and explore more side stuff as it's all rated at level 6.

I really like what I have played so far, and I really want to experience the whole journey. Is this experience that big that I can chill out and just go with it? Am I right to think I need to focus on side stuff and leveling more or should I just go ahead and do story stuff? I see a ton of stuff about gear sets and weapons and am wondering if I am too early in the game to be stressing about this stuff or if I truely need to be more invested in it to prevent late game issues? I haven't died much aside from when I get careless in combat and feel I have a pretty good understanding of the dodging and rolling etc. Not sure I am doing the right stuff to level quick enough though as the lowest level quests are recommended level 6 and I am only 4 like I said at this point.

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Thanks for any info. This game is amazing. I'm glad I finally decided to pick it up and start playing.


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