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Last night I finished my eight month journey through the witcher franchise!

Story time:

In October Witcher III released on Switch. I didn't really know a ton about it – the extent of my knowledge was having friends who were really into it and playing the first like 3 hours of the first game when it came out, and not getting really into it. But I had heard Witcher III was one of the great open world games, and I have a tendency to really love those. But it released on the same day as a bunch of other stuff I wanted, and I was pretty swamped with games at the time. "But aha!" says I, "these reddit comments say that these games are based on books! I like books. So here is what I will do: I will read all the books, then play all 3 games once I am invested in the characters and the world!" I loved Skyrim and Breath of the Wild even though I'd never played an Elder Scrolls game before and actively dislike most Zelda games – so think how much I could get lost in an open world game if I was already a fan of the franchise!

And that's basically what I did. I checked out the first short story book from the library in November, read it and loved it. Except the problem was I had no idea Netflix was making a show out of them so when I went to get the other books there were like a million holds on them. I ended up buying two of the books just so I would have them for a family trip I took in december. Read through all the books and watched the show immediately after. The last two or three books started to get a little weird in my opinion, but I loved the rest of it so much that it didn't really bother me. The short story collections and the series proper up to Thanedd are masterpieces.

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So I fell in love with the world just as I expected, now on to the games:

I'm still expecting to play Witcher III on Switch, but the first two games on PC first. I loved them, though the lack of continuity with the books really bugged me, especially in the first game. On their own merits, though, I think they are great. I grew up on the Bioware choose-the-good-path-or-the-evil-path moral choice systems, and those are a lot of fun, but the choices in the Witcher games are just better. There were many times in all three games that I had to make decisions that I found to be tough, either because they were mutually exclusive good options, or more commonly, two bad options that I was forced to choose between.

Now the funny thing is I was doing all of this because the Witcher III came out on Switch and that's where I was planning on playing it. Well right as I am finishing up Witcher 2, the quarantine starts and my gaming goes from almost all on the switch to almost all on the PC (my switch is for handheld only, so I basically didn't touch it at all during the quarantine), so after all that I ended up getting Witcher III on PC. Oh well.

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This won't be a surprise to anyone, but I liked Witcher 3 just as much as I thought I would! I played through the whole damn thing, main game plus both expansions, (basically) to completion. After putting 47 and 31 hours respectively into the first two games, I put 172 (!!) hours into the third! Funnily enough, after starting the game right around when quarantine was started, I finished it last night, right after my first day back at work on my regular schedule.

So there's the story of my last 8 months. A book series I loved, a TV show that was like pretty alright I guess, and some games that I loved. Happy to share this fanbase with you; thanks for reading! 🙂

TL;DR: Me read Witcher books and play Witcher games. They good.


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