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Modding Issues-(Witcher 3 Menue Mod)

Content of the article: "Modding Issues-(Witcher 3 Menue Mod)"

For some background, I use Vortex to mod my game.

I was downloading a few mods, when a file going by the name “Witcher 3 Menu Mod” appeared on the Vortex modding interface. It seems to be connected to Friendly Meditation, but I can’t be sure. It didn’t cause any problems for me until a while later, when an error message popped up on my screen as I was attempting to deploy a mod, Black Scabbards to be precise. The message reads as follows:

“Windows reported an error message regarding ‘C:Users(my name)OneDriveDocumentsThe Witcher 3vortex_menumod_cache’ that indicates the containing folder has limitations that make it unsuitable for what it’s being used. A common example of this is if you try to put the staging folder on a OneDrive folder because OneDrive can’t deal with hard links.

You can try continuing but you do so at your own risk.

Possible error causes: 1. ‘C:Users(my name)OneDriveDocumentsThe Witcher 3vortex_menumod_cache’ is a removable, possibly network drive which has been disconnected. 2. An external application has interfered with file operations (Anti-virus, Disk Management, Utility, Virus)”

In my “The Witcher 3” folder under Documents, five new files have appeared. “Input.settings.vortex_backup”,”user.setting.bak”,”user.settings.vortex_backup”,”vortex.deployment.witcher3menumoddocuments”,and “vortex_menumod.cache”. As I type this, I watched a couple download files made up of seemingly random numbers appear and then disappear from the folder.

I have tried to delete the mod, but to no avail, as deleting it causes the program to attempt to deploy it, at which point the error message shows up and it just reappears. I have tried going straight into my files and deleting the cache manually, but that hasn’t worked either. I have closed down Vortex and restarted my computer, but that doesn’t work as well. Trying to interact with any mod files yields the same message.

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It hasn’t affected my game, I can still start it up and play just fine with the mods that were deployed before the whole fiasco started, and it hasn’t interacted or broken anything else on my PC. If anyone has experienced this, or has any advice on how to fix it, that would be greatly appreciated.


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