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My feelings about Witcher’s III Ending

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If you haven't completed the game please do not continue reading, I would not want to steal your enjoyment of the game. Anyways I had no other way to express myself than writing what I felt, and I hope it strikes a chord with some of you fans of the series (especially those who made similar choices and got the same ending )

My feelings about this Ending

Here I am, devastated, the only word I can describe how tragic and bitter this ending left me.

Seeing a man with nothing left, and nothing inside. He had done so much, good and bad, in this unforgiving world. He figured he would do good when he could, but it turns out that his choices weren’t black and white and they hurt the one he cared for and loved the most. What hurts more than seeing this survivor of such a bleak world, let himself get (presumably left up to the viewer) executed by the same creatures he hunted, was that it was all in the decisions he forged. Maybe if he had done something different, things would have changed. The only thing he could do now is to gather the last memento of his fallen family. The only ones he could turn to, his brothers in arms, had their own matters to attend. The rest killed by the very same people they helped protect. If it wasn't for the few surviving witchers, they would be considered extinct, a myth or a legend. He didn’t want the same for her, she was the only thing he had left, and now? The only thing he was sure of was that his feeling or lack thereof made it certain she was gone.

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Now for my personal feelings about the matter. I spent a lot of time completing this game and I always strived to immerse myself. I figure Geralt was a mercenary and his main objective aside from his family would be his work, and no one better there was. Barely any gratitude for him risking his neck, but it was what he was created for. Underneath the veil of toughness and his nonchalant attitude, one of a hardened veteran, there was a veil of good intentions and kindness. At least I figure that is who he was based on the story around me, and I made choices accordingly. The dialogue was so extraordinary I actually did feel immersion and laugh at the wit and quip of the characters and world he interacted with. He had fought for those who couldn’t defend themselves and those of vast innocence as he judged the world not by appearances, race, or status but by their actions. When he finally found Ciri, he ( me ) could not stand to lose at what was the only thing that gave me hope in such an unforgiving world. I swore I would always be by her side and help her whenever I could, I would remind her that she had a gift like no other. I did try to encourage her own actions and I agreed she could do her own thing but I made the mistake of overprotecting her in the important crucial moments. Those that Ciri looked back on and did not let her grow as a person, therefore she wasn't strong enough. That’s exactly what hit me the hardest, even after all Geralt ( I ) did and had thunk were the right decisions, they left him with nothing.

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In the end, It was all for nothing, whether Geralt tried to be a better person, kill kings or creatures, ask for money or humility, love someone simple or someone complicated. Ciri saved the world but what did Geralt do? What else did he have? He was just a Witcher and all the creature slaying money in the world wouldn't bring her back. With all that said and bringing things back to reality, I would be lying if it didn’t leave me impressed ( and depressed) in some way. Few games have if any have left me in this state of emotions, and for that, I applaud the Witcher III and the Polish developers, for creating a media that stand above their peers in dialogue and world-building. I thank them for putting so much effort into their game and all the details (lots which will go unappreciated) they decided to implement. This game opened up a passion for the high fantasy lore (dragons, medieval times, etc) I did not know I needed. I won’t have as much time to indulge in replaying it, and while I wish I could have gotten a less bitter ending, I know it would have not impacted me as much.

Thank you CD Projekt Red.


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