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My introduction the witcher series.

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Let me start off by saying that the sheer amount of content you get for your money is simply astounding. I picked up the game, and it's DLC for only $20 on the PSN store and I honestly think the game is still worth $60, if not more. I'm currently 57 hours in on my first playthrough, and even though I've yet to complete the game I'm very excited for my New game+ and later playthrough's. Everything from the combat, to the storytelling, even just the tiny details that no one asked CDPR to put in the game. There's love and passion put into every part of this game, and words cannot simply describe the feeling of elation that this gives me. When I first started playing I said to myself "man this game is pretty good". Then I got to Velen and did the "Devil by the well" contract. This may be dipping into spoiler territory so you have been warned, but when I walked into that village and started piecing the story of what had transpired there, my jaw was agape the entire time. I've never had an experience that comes anywhere NEAR what this simple little side contract has given me. The story of the woman being hung in the well hit me like a freight train when I completed it. This game made me feel sad for her, even though we never meet her in flesh. Not many games have that ability to make you feel such strong emotions, but this one surely fits that bill and that is an understatement to say the least. At the beginning of said mission I was thinking "ahh okay this is just a tough enemy with a big health bar I'll finish this quickly" and make some quick coin, but after finding the whole story, my entire demeanor changed. I felt like I was doing something good by defeating the noonwraith in turn setting the poor woman's soul free. When I defeated her it made me personally feel amazing, like I was actually doing something worthwhile for my time and helping a poor soul in the process even though it is just a game. I am very ready to sink hundreds upon hundreds of hours into this game, and I don't feel like my time or money is going to waste. This is truly a passion project and I can't help but feel that CDPR really put a lot of effort into what is essentially their baby. Anyway, I've said enough and many other people have probably felt this way too. I just wanted to share my piece. I am very happy to be apart of this community, and can't wait to continue my adventures. I hope everyone has a nice day and good hunting!

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