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My kid loves The Witcher and finally got into (basically) his first video game!

Content of the article: "My kid loves The Witcher and finally got into (basically) his first video game!"

I have a 12 year old son that doesn't really play video games very much, even though he is very good at them mechanically and loves complex stories and such, and he has never really viewed them as "real" entertainment or anything like that. We all love to go outdoors, play sports, read, etc. but I could never really get him into video games.

He did, however, see me playing The Witcher 3 on my PC a few days ago. He asked me what it was and I told him and asked if he was interested and he said "nah I'm good". "You sure?", "yeah". I didn't wanna push him as I knew he didn't care for video games much. Anyway, the day after that he saw me playing again for a bit. He decided to sit down and watch as well this time, which he'd never really done either.

He has always been a big fantasy fan, he read The Lord of the Rings, The Legend of Drizzt, etc. and loved to play D&D so I figured it'd caught his eye. I was on a NG+ run and he watched me as I ran around doing the entire Bloody Baron questline from the start. I had headphones on but decided to hand them around my neck so he could hear a bit. Anyway, skip to the next day again and he asks me about what the game is about. I tell him about the Witchers and such, the overall story and he seems interested. I have a copy of the first three books so I tell him those are great ones. He started reading them and he really seemed to enjoy it. Finally though, after a few weeks of reading the three books he actually asks to play the game and I was so happy lol. I didn't wanna embarrass him any though so I say "oh yeah sure just hop on and click on it." He opens it up and ended up playing the whole day. It took him a while to get used to the mechanics but he's really good at adjusting to those things and is playing on Death March. Now he devotes at least an hour every day or two to playing it!

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He really likes stories/worlds with depth. That's one of the very most important things to him in a story he said is for the entire world to be fleshed out, literally every single character in the story, important or not, every stick and stone basically and I think that's why it clicked with him. He also said he likes it when a character has actual motivation and depth in a story, where nothing is just straight off black and white, and the entire Witcher 3 world is almost flawless in that regard. I think until now he thought of most video games as mindless and in his own words "dumb", like COD or stuff like that (though I hate those kinda games too), but now he's seen a truly immersive and deep game.

Anyway, I'm just glad he found a perfect video game he likes! He'll read the rest of the books and hopefully play the first two games as well now.


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