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My Optimized Witcher 1 Battlemage Build Guide

During the lockdown I recently did a complete playthrough of Witcher 1 with the goal to optimize my build order to have effective strategies for each major enemy of the game. I was able to successfully beat the game without using a single Swallow or White Raffard’s Decoction.

The basic idea of this build is to focus all sword talents into the Fast talent tree as the fast combat styles are the only sword styles to give bonus to defense and are effective against all enemies, albeit it will do less damage to heavily armored enemies. Using Igni as your primary method of AoE damage will also make it so you do not need to invest points into Group style swordplay. This will give you an optimized build that has extreme survivability and can be effective against the most challenging fights in the game. Finally, this build is rounded out by Enhanced Quen, which is useful in fights when you get surrounded or just want to bully your way through monsters.

Early Game (Prologue to Chapter 1)

Level 1: Strength I, Strength II, Regeneration

Level 2: Dexterity I, Dexterity II, Repel

Level 3: Intelligence I, Intelligence II, Herbalism

Level 4: Position, Deflect Arrows, Fast Steel II

Frightener’s Vision: Oil Preparation

Level 5: Aard II, Stun, Gust

Level 6: Stamina I, Hail of Blows I, Hail of Blows II

Level 7: Stamina II, Poison Resistance, Endurance Regeneration

Level 8: Buzz, Igni II, Incineration

Level 9: Brawl, Fistfight, Paralysis I

Focus initial Talents on Strength and Dexterity for a bonus to both survivability and damage with Swords. Once you complete the Prologue you must ensure that you have enough points into Intelligence to unlock Herbalism so you can start making potions during Chapter 1. Throughout Chapter 1, you should make sure you always have Tawny Owl active and use Aard against enemies to stun and finish off with a coup de grace. The only enemy in Chapter 1 not affected by Aard are the Echinops so I suggest focusing talents on Fast Steel II then moving into into the Aard talent tree. Wait to do Odo’s quest or Dead Hand of the Past later when you get to Level 8 and you unlock Igni II and Incineration. Buzz is particularly useful when doing Odo’s quest. Spend your level 9 points on Brawl and Fistfight to help with the fist fight coming up at the start of Chapter 2.

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Boss Fights in the Early Game:


The Beast:

Mid Game: (Chapter 2 to Chapter 3)

Hellhound’s Soul: Strength III

Level 11: Paralysis II, Crippling Pain I, Crippling Pain II

Level 12: Sever Sinews I, Sever Sinews II, Disarm

Level 13: Igni Student, Harms Way I, Harms Way II

Level 14: Aard Student, Aard Apprentice, Igni Apprentice

Level 15: Strength IV, Quen II, Quen Student, Quen, Apprentice

Level 16: Stone Skin, Barrier 1, Barrier 2, Quen Extended Duration

Level 17: Vigor, Yrden II, Prowess, Inscriptions

Level 18: Dexterity III, Yrden Student, Yrden Apprentice, Pain Sign

Level 19: Agility, Sinister I, Sinister II, Axii II

Level 20 Dexterity IV, Fast Steel III, Spell, Hypnosis,

Level 21: Fast Steel IV, Fast Silver III, Hex Student, Axii Extended Duration

Level 22: Fast Silver IV, Stamina III, Axii Apprentice, Absorption

Level 23: Endurance Regeneration, Stamina IV, Heavy Weight, Strong Steel

Level 24: Intelligence III, Intelligence IV, Crushing Blow I, Crushing Blow II

Level 25: Quen III, Quen IV, Cut at the Jugular I, Cut at the Jugular II

Once you get into Chapter 2 you can use the Hellhound’s Soul to get your first Silver Talent. I recommend putting into Strength III as it gives you increased survivability and damage with your sword. Use your remaining bronze talents to fill up the Fast Steel and Fast Silver Trees now that you have got your Silver Sword, then spend the remaining Bronze talents on all the various Signs, with a focus on Igni, Aard and Quen. Afterwards it really does not matter where you put the balance of your Bronze talents. You should also ensure that you learn the recipe for the Maribor Forest potion, I typically have Geralt drink a Tawny Owl with Albedo dominance to reduce toxicity and then drink a Maribor Forest with Rubedo dominance. Together these two potions will give you lots of Endurance and Endurance Regeneration to spam Igni against your enemies. Once you get to Level 15 you’ll start to unlock more Silver Talents, start by focusing on Strength, Dexterity, Fast Steel and Fast Silver as they all give either hit points, dodge or parry bonuses to increase survivability. Afterwards level up Intelligence and Stamina so you can cast signs frequently and effectively. I recommend getting Quen III and Quen IV at level 25 as it can be helpful against the Kikimore Queen at the end of Chapter 3.

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Boss fights in the Mid Game:


Azar Javed and The Professor:

The Professor:

Kikimore Queen:

Late Game (Chapter 4 to Epilogue)

Level 26: Survival Zone, Quen Added Efficiency, Bloody Rage I, Bloody Rage II

Level 27: Focus, Aggression, Strong Silver II, Mortal Blow I

Level 28: Feint, Hail of Blows iii, Mortal Blow II, Deep Cut I

Level 29: Igni III, Igni IV Flash Cuts III, Deep Cut II, Patinado I,

Level 30: Strength V, Igni Added Efficiency, Patinado II

Level 31: Added Vitality, Finesse, Inferno, Group Steel I

Level 32: Dexterity V, Paralysis III, Sever Sinews III, Half Spin I

Level 33: Fast Silver V, Brawn, Crippling Pain, Half Spin II

Level 34: Fast Steel V, Altered Metabolism, Resistance to Blinding, Precise Hit I

Level 35: Intelligence V, Limit Incineration, Incineration Resistance, Precise Hit II

Level 36: Mental Endurance, Resistance to Bleeding, Magic Frenzy, Trip I

Koshchey Core: Stamina V

Level 37: Potion Tolerance, Quen Specialist, Quen Expert, Trip II

Zeugl's Vigor: Added Endurance, Added Intensity

I like to get the Survival Zone upgrade for Quen as it is one of the few ways for Geralt to heal himself without having to rest and lose the effect of potions already drunk. Use remaining Silver Talents to round out the Igni and Quen Tree, but make sure to take the various resistances before you face the Koshchey. The Koshchey will require resistance to pain and bleeding and the following fight with Azar Javed will require resistance to Blinding. Do not invest in Stun or Knockdown resistance as you can achieve full immunity with the Willow Potion. Pain resistance can be achieved by the Altered Metabolism talent, which gives you a bonus to Attack and Dodge making Geralt exceedingly difficult to hit. Altered Metabolism can be triggered by achieving 50 or more toxicity by drinking Potions. Potions I use in the late game are Tawny Owl, Maribor Forest, Full Moon and Petri’s Philter. With Potion Tolerance you should be able to take all of these and have toxicity in the 50s so you don’t trigger negative effects but still trigger Altered Metabolism. Once you start getting Gold Talents at Level 50 I prioritize the base stats as well as Fast Silver V and Fast Steel V.

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Boss Fights in the End Game:


Striga :


Azar Javed:

Zeugl :

Final Battle :

Thank you for reading, please let me know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.


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