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I'd like to tell you a story about my video. I have no idea is that right place to post it. English is not my native language, but this post is very important to me. Since I've been thinking about it for years. I'll attach the video that i worked for a long time.

I know that the Witcher 3 is no longer interesting to anyone, but I really wanted to realize my idea. Since I spent a lot of time on all this, I wanted to create this post here, and since this video exists thanks to this site and thanks to one person to whom I devote this post. DarkProxy, if you still read it here, I'd like to thank you again.

I know that few people will read this and I think that the person who helped me with this project will most likely not read it either, but I have the opportunity and desire to state everything here, and I will finally take this opportunity.

So at the end of 2018 winter, I had the idea to create a video dedicated to Caranthir (from Wild Hunt), to make an action scene. Since I do not own the developers tools of the game and i cant afford the home mocap studio,huh, I set about reprocessing the one that is in the game. I did not even have the skills to edit videos, but the desire to do something worthwhile was great to me.

I do not want to go into detail, but on about the 20th message about the request to create a game MOD that would replace the Eskel to Geralt , a person from this site responded to me with a nickname – Darkproxy.

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He made a few MODs for me having spent his time, and in addition to replacing models, he did a very difficult thing, he replaced the Ciri's model to Geralt. Among other things, he made the armor that I really liked, the armor of the bear school. For both models.

I don't know if luck smiled so hard or if it worked because I really wanted it. I worked very hard to master the video editor.

Dear Darkproxy, I made you the main promise that I will make English version of this video. I would like to apologize to you and say that earlier than 2018 I was in a very deep depression due to the fact that one of my close people was mortally ill, and my girlfriend betrayed me at this most inappropriate moment.

I understand that nobody cares, but I'd like to explain to you why this happened. Of course, you already forgot who I am, but it would be very important for me to keep my promise.

In addition to that mods that you made, I managed to smooth the red pants (that was a bug we have) with a correction in the editor, I learned how to do this. In addition to your mods, I added countless mods that improve the quality of the picture and the effects, frankly I was in such a state that I would not even remember most of the work that I did.

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Depression works extremely negatively on your memory, in principle I lost part of my soul, no matter how sentimental it sounds.

In 2019, I made version in my language and honestly, I was already in such a state that I don't even remember how I posted it.

This project is important to me, because with this project, I was able to go through all this sh*t. In fact, this project is one of the most important, I just didn't want to write in full, and I wanted you to pay attention. I apologize for the loud name of the topic.

And thank you for reading

Darkproxy, thank you


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