The Witcher

Not so new, only level 3, just got to Velen, some more questions (my apologies)

OK, loving the game, but damn do you get so much to manage at the beginning!!

Q1) I have another point to spend. Have 4 in Muscle Memory, 1 in Strength Training, 2 in Melt Armour (so fond of Igni). Very tempted by Sun&Stars and Survival Instinct. Have seen vids that say to get Cat School (yes all light armour atm). I spam fast attack after using Igni in fights. Maybe another point there?

Q2) My main quests are 2, 3, 7 and 13 levels above me. A secondary quest is 4 levels above. A contract is 30 (yes thirty) levels above. I guess that I should just do the question marks and wonder around trying to level up a bit before attempting anything quest wise?

Q3) Food/Healing up : was wolfing down raw meat and honeycombs a lot just to stay alive. Am I doing something wrong? What's a good food to keep? What can I sell? Should I sell food? Should I buy food?

Q4) Selling/crafting/dismantling : just completely lost here. Can use the armour or weapons that I can get crafted for a few more levels, dunno if it's better just to sell everything or keep it so that when I'm higher level I can use it for something good.

Q4) I'm poor. 173 coins. I've got loads of books, and read them so I guess that I can sell them later. No I don't want exploits, just efficiency tips, what to buy, what not to buy etc.

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Q5) Pants with the crossbow, but wondering if explosive bolts are worthwhile to 'aim' for, loved the explosive archery stuff in Far Cry games.

Q6) Doors that are locked I presume can only be opened with a key. There seem to be other doors that are orange under witcher sense but one cannot pass through them. I've tried Aard and Igni with no luck, am I missing something else?

Cheers, again apologies for so many questions.


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