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Possibly unpopular opinion… The show doesn’t follow the books as much as people claim they do.

Before the show came out, any complaints about how the show was looking were met with responses of "this isn't the games… The show is trying to stay true to the books" or "just because this doesn't match the games doesn't make it bad. The show is based on the books not the games."

After watching the show I would argue that the games are more true to the Witcher universe of the books. Here's some stuff that I saw in the show which doesn't line up with the books.

  • Triss shows up to work with Geralt against the Striga (and surrounding investigation).
  • show Ciri doesn't interact with Geralt when young and she is much older when they do meet.
  • Nilfgaard is some weird evil empire with blood sacrifices (for magic attacks) and communist messaging. The armor seems like they wanted their own version of orcs, rather than a mighty medieval empire.
  • Yennifer's entire backstory doesn't even make sense. We find out that Fringilla knew Yennifer and other sorceresses from when they were in school which doesn't match the books since the first time they interacted was in the lodge (since in the books Fringilla is from Nilfgaard). Also, in the books Geralt gets with Fringilla because she looks so much like Yennifer so a different actress should have been cast (ideally an Indian actress with similar complexion to the actress playing Yennifer).
  • The Dryads… as in… literally everything about them.
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I can keep going on but overall the show is so far from the source material in so many places that I don't understand the arguments that this is so much more accurate than the games. The games might not cover the exact story from the books but they continue that take I'm a way that is much more faithful than the show. For instance:

  • The characters in the games match their book counterparts while the characters in the show don't act like their book counterparts.
  • The ages and histories of game characters remain faithful to the universe while the show doesn't.
  • The lore and world-building in the games is far more similar to the books than the show.
  • This one is much more personal but the show feels very Americanized while the games and books feel very slavic.
    • For example, the most famous song in the Witcher show is "toss a coin to your witcher" which feels like an American pop song. Contrast this with the music in the games which ranged from slavic folk music to a somber song from Pricilla about Geralt and Yennifer which fits the universe. "Toss a coin to your Witcher" doesn't make sense in the universe because most people who interacted with witchers were poor racist peasants who didn't have much to give.
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