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Project North – How to achieve Northern Victory in the Witcher 3

Content of the article: "Project North – How to achieve Northern Victory in the Witcher 3"

Greetings, Fellow Witchers!

I'm currently playing my second playthrough of the game, and I have come here to seek aid in maybe the hardest choice of the Witcher 3.

Some might remember that I have bought up the same topic as a survey, which option did you choose in that situation. Most of you, just like me the first time, decided to save Roche, kill Dijkstra and let Nilfgaard rule over the North.

Now, I'm not here for the same reason but to ask for some help creating this story line in a way that would make me feel Geralt's siding with Dijkstra reasonable.

Here's how is it going: – I'm playing through the whole series again, and I've made a few things to clear the way for this one in the previous games – Most importantly, I sided with Iorveth this time, who turned out to be my favorite character btw, this way Geralt and Roche are not in such a close relationship – Roche saves Geralt once in the Kaedweni camp. I'm planning on repaying this by saving Ves in the third game. -In the second game there's an option to check what others are currently doing close to the end of the game via a magical device. I've chosen Roche and in that scene he is talking about the possibility of terminating Geralt if the need arises, so clearly they are not so close at this point point. – I'm planning not to invite Roche to Kaer Morhen either. – I want to find Dijkstra's gold so that way he will help me. – At the end of reason of state I plan to question the righteousness of Roche's intention before Dijkstra's enterance -And finally, although not at all easily walk away.

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I want to hear your opinion about the idea, the progress and what I should include or exclude on the way in order to save the North.

A few words about my intentions too. No, I don't hate Nilfgaard at all, but I would even dare to say I love them they Roman like culture, view of life and all really gets me. The thing is however, that I like the North true. A real medievalish land, and the place of sooo many of my adventures in this world. I just really would like to see it independent. I like diveristy and if there's a way to have more of the Witchers intriguing world stay in its place, I would like to see it, but of course I don't want to have it Radovid's way.


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