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Quick Witcher Quiz – 10 Questions :)

Welcome to this week's Witcher Quiz #4 10 Questions await you, all carrying a certain amount of points. Good Luck and Have Fun! 🙂

1. Apart from being a master swordsmith, Eibhear Hattori is also known for his … (1 point)

a) Pancakesb) Croissantsc) Dumplingsd) Brioche

Answer : c

2. Alias! (0-4 points)

Duke of DogsGascon
Mysterious elfAvallac'h
Jarl of Clan BrokvarkUdalryk
14th of the HillTriss

3. What was the common payment for the Crones? (1 point)

a) A toothb) An eyec) A fingerd) An ear

Answer : d

4. Finish these names. (0-4 points)

EredinBreacc Glas
Radovid V the Stern

5. Jacques de Aldersberg and Alvin are the same person. (1 point)

a) Trueb) False

Answer :a

6. Who Am I? (1 point)

I'm a dwarf,
I gave Sihil to Geralt,
Duda is my pet parrot,
I'm engaged to Eudora Breckenriggs.

Answer : Zoltan Chivay

7. Which of these monsters is NOT a relict? (1 point)

a) Gargoyleb) Chortc) Leshend) Godling

Answer : a

8. Whose Line Is It? (0-4 points)

"People there had metal in their heads, waged wars from the distance, used things similar to megascopes."Ciri
"Radovid doesn't forget, and Radovid doesn't forgive."Geralt
"Radovid sucks flaccid cock!"Kalkstein
"Anyone can be made to talk, even a corpse…"Yennefer

9. Finish the speech. (0-4 points)

Kneel, Geralt of Rivia, White Wolf. You traveled a long path fraught with danger
You demonstrated courage and goodness. By divine power, I hereby knightyou.
Face your enemies without fear. Safeguard the helpless.
Never lie, even if it means your death. That is your oath. Arise a knight.

10. Association – The 4 answers in the tables are clues for the one Final Answer (0-5 points)

By which method are Witchers recruited?Which potion accelerates vitality regeneration?I am the sovereign of Nazair and Vicovaro.What do the descendants of Lara Dorren carry?
Law of SurpriseSwallowEmyhrElder Blood

Final Answer: Ciri


0-10 ————————————————————->Drowner
11-14 ———————————————————–>Witchmolol
15-18 ———————————————————–>Dh'oine
19-22 ———————————————————–>Vat'ghern
23-26 ———————————————————–>Gwynbleidd

Thank You for participating! 🙂 Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
In case you'd like to do more Witcher Quizzes while enjoying the amazing art and music 😀

Have a nice day and see you next week! 🙂


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