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(Resource) FAQ and tips for new players

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We have many posts every day with new players asking for tips. I have collected some of these to help out new players. Maybe veterans will find something interesting as well. Feel free to add your own tips in the comments. Maybe I'll update this post from time to time.

Do I need Witcher 1 & 2 for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt?

"I've never played 1 and 2 but I absolutely loved Witcher 3. If you want you can go to youtube and just quick recap the story of 1 and 2." – u/darkhawkz

"Witcher 3 was my first game and it was fine not having payed the first 2, the game has an excellent “encyclopedia” with character details and information." – u/Trevgun

"I don’t think the Netflix show matters in this context because it’s so different from the books" – u/z3r054

"In my opinion, if you're a reader then reading at least The Last Wish and ideally all the books is nice so you'll catch a ton of little references throughout 3, in addition to learning the history of almost all the major characters organically. Playing 2 is good too to set up several recent relationships, as well as being a great game in its own right. 1 in my opinion is forgettable aside from a handful of minor references." – u/thf24

General tips

"Use the player chest to store cool items and equipment you don't use instead of selling them. If you get Blood and Wine later you can put your items on display. I know it's only cosmetic and nothing to do with gameplay, but it's something to keep in mind from the beginning." – u/CountVlad47

"First ability to get is gourmet, from the miscellaneous section, it makes your entire playthrough a lot easier and better" – u/TheWhiteWolf1603

"The best decision you have made since birth……..enjoy every second, complete everything, read the books for back story, the world of the Witcher is unforgettable. It will forever be the greatest game ever made IMO." – u/STRYKN1NE

"my guide for witcher 3 will be always use quen its realy helpful and to have most fun out of this game dont rush to main and do the side quests they are fun and unique mostly" – u/XYoussef

"Make sure you do plenty of side quests, check all the notice boards, but try and spread the side quests out between the main quest. Also Death March is fine, especially the more you use supporting systems (alchemy for example)" – u/TheJosh1

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"Death march is a must. The game is too easy on lower difficulties. Take your time with everything and enjoy the side quests." – u/Alphablack32

"Oils are your friends. Witcher armor/weapons are alot stronger than most. Always explore as much of the map as you can stand, my first play through I missed alot of really good quest/armor sets because I didn't. And gwent is worth learning, (even if you have to look up a guide to help you out)." – u/friendlyuselslesbian

"Spam quick dodge and your Quen sign against literally anything" – u/SSG-Gibraltar

"Chase and craft and upgrade all witcher armor and experiment with your skill tree. I ran multiple builds to keep gameplay from getting stale. Bombs, signs, swords and potion builds are all very strong after lvl 20 or so. Deconstruct as much as you sell and do all the "?" on the map as they provide great crafting materials and exp. I sell or deconstruct almost everything not Witcher armor." – u/khaotic_krysis

"Notice boards! Normally the papers with a circle at the bottom right are interesting sidequests where you battle a lot of monsters that dont even show up in the main story. These contracts normally lead you to some abandoned caves and places with great loot and good bossbattles. This is also how you aqcuire monster trophies aswell as new bestiary entries. Another id say is trying to hoard materials to craft alchemy items. Buy as much as you can from harvesters so you can have the necesary things to make whatever you need. The decoctions are longterm buffs like say increased damage with full vitality for like 20 minutes. Pairing that with something like thunderbolt potion, enhanced bombs and oils that corresponds with who you are fighting really makes you feel like you prepared as efficiently as geralt would. One of my biggest things is explore. If your running horseback otw to a mission and see a exclamation mark stop and see whats happening. I gurantee you itll be something pretty cool, funny, or badass. Last is playing on hard difficulty." – u/Brandonandre12

"Take your time, enjoy side quests(they don't feel as fetch quests like in most games), try not to get surrounded, don't try doing quests 5 levels or above higher than you since they don't give all the exp." – u/POLO_JN

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"Advice I have is: check out alchemy. Bombs and potions are very strong. It's not hard to get into the crafting part of it. The game will teach you the basic healing potion in the beginning.

Crafting armor isn't important until the late game I think. I always loot things that are better than what I can craft.

Combat: dodge, dodge, dodge, dodge, dodge… That's all. Don't block. (My experience)

The mutagens part isn't hard either. You just use the ones that fit your play style. Increase sign strength, increase damage, health… However you'd like.

Just remember to check the menus once in a while and see what you can do. Not much different than other RPGs, just don't run around like in a shooter and never check your gear or leveling.

Oh, and repair your armor and swords when the red symbol shows up." – u/cmbmtg

"Loot everything and completely clear the White Orchard map before leaving. White Orchard is essentially the tutorial for the game and will set you up with plenty of gear, money and skill points to not get stuck in a hard spot once you leave." – u/pew_medic338

"Eating is the way you regain vitality. Depending on what level you’re on, you may be able to meditate to regain vitality too. You do not need to eat though. Weight and body mass don’t change if you don’t eat.

At this stage of the game, find any armour/weapons that are better than what you currently have on (green indicator when you preview the item). Later in the game, you can find Witcher gear. That is the only gear you should actually spend money on to craft. Find the maps at various merchants, blacksmiths and armourers. You can get the griffin gear at level 11 I believe.

Upgrade your stats through the character panel. You gain ability points each time you level up and when you encounter a place of power for the first time. Have a good play around with that – there are a lot of fun options there.

In the alchemy panel, you can make decoctions, bombs, potions and oils. Oils are an absolute lifesaver when fighting monsters. The bestiary panel will tell you which potions/signs will work best with each monster. When you make a potion, it will automatically remake itself each time you meditate so it’s worth it to try and make everything even if you don’t use it.

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Sell shit you don’t need. Weapons to blacksmiths, armour to armourers, and everything else sell wherever you can. It’s kind of trial and error to figure out which things you don’t need. You can dismantle things that will give you good materials, but that costs money and it depends on what you need at the time. I would recommend checking for any swords that have dimeritium in them however. Trust me, you need it. Especially if you’re making all the Witcher gear.

Otherwise, go wild. Take your time, do all the side quests, contracts etc. It’s overwhelming at first but it does come easier." – u/ScadrialHarmony

A general consensus on The Witcher games: immerse yourself, don't rush it, get familiar with the crafting and alchemy and mutagen systems. This is a complex role playing game and you need to prepare for fights and follow the story closely. Do side quests and explore. And don't forget to have fun!


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