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Spoilers Reason of state rewrite. Want to know your opinions.

Content of the article: "Spoilers Reason of state rewrite. Want to know your opinions."

Okay, we all know that this isn't one of the best quests in the games, to put it lightly. So, as a trying author, I thought I would mildly change it to make it a little better.

The quest is going to stay short as it is slapped right in middle of a bigger quest and I am not going to change that.

So the quest starts of the same, Geralt has a chat with the trio in the warehouse where Dijkstra insists on going with the original plan where Philipa is not involved. However, Geralt notices Phillippa spying on them and immediately notifies Dijkstra. Seeing no way out, Phillippa shows herself and slams his plan for being stupid. She instead suggests being a part of the plan. They decide to get Radovid to send men out for Phillippa and get her into prison. However, along the way, they decide to either bribe the hunters or have them replaced with Roche's men, so that they can take Phillippa to a secure prison under their control where they can assassinate Radovid.

The plan goes as intended where a hunting party sets out for Phillippa, they are either killed and replaced with Roche's men or bribed, and bought to an assassination area. However, things go awry when Radovid essentially has the entire area sealed off with his men, as he suspected that this was a ruse. He has the Geralt imprisoned and to be executed. But on seeing Phillippa bound, he kind of becomes relaxed and gives the enemy an opening. The hunters shut off Radovid in the prison where he assassinated by either Roche or Phillippa herself while the rest of Roche's forces dig them a way out.

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Then, while Roche and his men are celebrating, Dijkstra calls the witcher in for a private word where he and Thaler talk about the plan after which Thaler leaves. Dijkstra and Geralt talk where Dijkstra reveals that he is not all too happy about letting Nilfgaard take over and how Redania will never be a free kingdom.

Geralt walks out where he can talk with Roche who mentions how even he isn't happy with the ordeal but has no other choice for a free Temeria. It is at that time when Dijkstra makes his appearance and makes his big speech. Roche and he have a spat where Roche straight up doesn't believe Dijkstra anymore and questions his right to make such judgments on his own, while Dijkstra remarks on how Temeria's freedom was forfeit years with the death of Foltest and is now embroiled in internal conflicts. He leaves, ordering his men to assassinate Roche, who doesn't approve of Dijkstra's plan, whereupon we are given the same choice. If we side with Roche, we continue by following and assassinating Dijkstra, else leave and hope that Dijkstra knows what the hell he is doing.

I haven't changed a lot, just straightened out a few things. I feel like this quest was botched because of a lack of time. Maybe if they had more time to work on it, they would have made it better. I also thought about making the whole quest better, by having Ciri involved. Maybe Radovid learns of Ciri's return and plans on using her against Nilfgaard. But I guess that is a tale for another day.

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