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The Baron is a great character but his wife is a complete bitch

I've recently been replaying the Witcher 3 and was reminded of how much I love this story line.

The following thoughts on the story are subjective and they come from someone raised in eastern europe, so my views on certain topics may be biased ( I have a deep hatred for adultery and people who commit it for example, while I am more lenient towards people being alcoholics. I know it's biased, it's just how I feel about this stuff, and I think everyone has different views on this topics, which is completely understandable).

The Baron in my opinion is a great character. Not a good, or evil one, but a great one. He is 100% a violent alcoholic, but at the same time it's understandable. He is a career soldier (and a pretty decent one at that) that deeply loves his family. When he comes home, he finds his wife cheating with some shithole, and she running away from home with his infant daughter.

I will be honest. If I was in his shoes, coming home from the war, having PTSD, and found out my wife was cheating on me because I was "absent" and run off with my child, I might end her lover too. No it's not the high road or being a good person, but it's what realistically would happen.

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Anyway afterwards he falls into drinking and his wife hates him and all she does is trying to get him to snap. He has to become physical to stop her from killing herself and from killing him. She also does what most divorce parents do, and that is try to brainwash their kids. This was his mistake imo. Yes kill the son of a bitch who ruined your family (different time setting etc, in that period I think it's understandable), but honestly he should have taken his daughter and dumped his cheating wife. Unfortunately he still loves her and wants a life with her, which ends up being a vicious cycle of 2 shit people being in an abusive relationship (that came from both parties involved, not just 1).

Even after all that shit what does he do when his wife is captured by the crones? He does all he can to try and rescue her (and depending on the ending, heal her). By the end of the questline he gives up his drinking and we also know how good he was with ciri and gertha (and ciri doesn't talk shit about him, on the contrary. Let's be real if he was a dick, she could have easily just killed him). I feel that is more of a reflection of who he really is than what some peasant thinks about his lord. (even then there are some who welcome him and the stability he brings in a war torn land).

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What does Miss baron do when she finds out she is pregnant? Get a miscarriage on purpose because she hates him.

Again I am not saying the Baron is a good person (far from it), but he is not an evil person either. He is a great character and a reason why I love the witcher games. His wife though, is a horrible human being who deserves ending up as a water hag. I would love and ending where he lets her go and I get to kill her water hag ass, but too bad that's not possible.


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