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The Nearest Non – Spoiler Advice for the first playthrough with DLCs to get the best experience!

Hi! There will be character names which you might feel a bit of a spoiler! But it is very minimal and necessary!

If this is your first playthrough of the game! Play the game to your satisfaction! At one point during the game (more than half way through the game), you'll have to find Ciri by going to a Mystery Island using a boat (the game will inform you that it is the point of no return), you'll be around level 30 at that time, hold the main quest and start playing Hearts of Stone DLC (location, pins, scripts, everything will be marked in Blue)! You'll be asked to choose a reward at the end of the main quest line of Hearts of Stone DLC, save your game before the final quest (you'll know) and choose the reward which will give clues on how to find Ciri.

Very Important: You'll be given a set of vague instructions on what to do (what response to choose during the quick timed choices) at critical junctures (you'll understand it while you are in the situation). Follow the instruction (Better, write it down somewhere) cuz those are the exact things you'll need to do to get the GOOD ending!

Note: There will be some significant choices (Baron, Philippa Eilhart, etc, etc) which you'll have to make in the early game before meeting Ciri but those choices won't influence the ending much!

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Once you complete Hearts of Stone, finish the main game! The ending will depend on the choices you make! After completing the main quest, start playing Blood and Wine DLC (this one is soo good) (Location, Pins, scripts, everything will be marked in Red). You'll be around level 40 by now. This is by far the best way to enjoy the game in a sequential way! Blood and Wine DLC alone is a whole story and has its own endings which will depend upon the choices you made in the main game!!

This is the closest non-spoiler way I could guide. Do a lot of side quest, monster contracts. Do not Google anything, you'll be spoiled, if you want to know what choices to make, search for non-spoiler versions or pause the game, search for it and do not read anything more than you need! Or you play the game as you wish the first time and replay it to get a different ending. The game is worth playing multiple times with higher difficulties and NG+ is available after finishing the first playthrough! Some people I know have played this 5 to 6 times. A decent completionist playthrough time will be easily above 120+ hours!

P.S. This is for people who want to play the game only once and get the best experience in one run! and yeah you'll love this game!

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