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The People and Their Monster Problem: Lore Discussion

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“Spoilers Ahead“

One thing that has always bugged me about the Witcher 3 was the lack of Action taken by the local populace in terms of fighting off the monsters that have besieged their Towns and cities.

Even with no knowledge of monster hunting, and very little skill in terms of combat, people would eventually leave their homes, or more likely fight back against the Drowners, wild dogs and the like, that pester them constantly.

I find it odd that places like Novigrad, the Crows Perch and Oxenfurt can have monsters right outsider their gates, yet nothing is done about it. I mean King Radavid has thousands of troops, yet Drowners still roam the shores. You’d think that after all the battles in the war somebody would burn the dead or garrison troops at a battlefield to decrease the chances of Necrophage attacks, but they do not. The supposed trade between cities would be non-existent due to monster attacks and some villages would be completely encircled.

I mean, if monster attacks happened once every year, or even once every six months I could understand people being afraid of monsters and not wanting to do anything. Hiring a Witcher instead. However attacks take place all the time and are costly in lives, livestock, property and prosperity. So eventually just through sheer anger and dispair some one would do something. Some village would rally farmers and peasants together to crush the 3 Drowners at the shore, or run off the packs of wild dogs outside of town. It’s human nature.

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Now I can understand people being I’ll equipped to fight griffins, and other flying beasts, but if a few peasants can bring down a Witcher, surely they can kill the local, monster riff raff. Even if many of the more skilled warriors have gone off to war.

For me it would make the game so much better if there was a mission posted to a notice board, in which Garalt took a quest to fight off monsters plaguing a village only to find out that the Villagers handled it before he got there. It would show strength and courage of the populace and make the world feel more alive. I mean, Withchers are not around every corner, if a contract is posted it could take weeks or even months for a Witcher to find the notice and take up the contract.

Finally is the burden of monsters on the war effort. With so many beasts run amuck across the land. There is very little talk of armies running across monsters. Yes, their are missions in which a few Nilfgardians or Radianians get killed, but very few times do we hear actual accounts of the monsters dotted across the land impacting the war effort. Clearly griffins, Nekkers, and other beasts are going to have a field day with troops marching across the land. It would and should take its toll on both sides, however very little is said in regards to it. It would be nice to hear about Large scale monster attacks, and or encounters where many troops are killed, again adding to the overall world.

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Thanks to anyone who reads my rambling, been thinking about this a lot lately while playing through the game for the first time.

Side Note: I am currently in Velen, after completing the main story missions in Novigrad, please “no spoilers”. I Will soon be on my way to Skeliga for the first time.


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