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I did a post a few months back on my take on a Witcher game featuring the vipers, primarily involving the master Witcher of the viper school, Ivar evil-eye.

Upon going through the lore, I’d thought I would structure my vipers narrative similar to how the Witcher 3 released, with the main game and the two expansions

The last three vipers that are alive according to the wiki are letho of gulet(player determined) gerring of Kharkov, and Ivar evil-eye. Using the Witcher 3 as a benchmark, the main game would involve Ivar evil eye, the two expansions will involve the other two, gerring’s being like hearts of stone, and letho’s being more like blood and wine.

Part 1/main game: Set in 1256/1257, the player character is Ivar evil-eye, with the usurper destroying the viper keep, Ivar is taken to emhyr van emreis, in which he, vilgefortz, and Ardal aep dahy request his help In rallying against the nilfgaardian empire. Open world sections would include most countries within the empire, these sections would be dahy’s quests, which would involve gathering affluent people within the empire to support emreis economically, similar to how skellige was done in W3, Ivar will journey to kovir to aid Vilgefortz in gathering ex nilfgaardian soldiers who know act as mercenaries in the far north, the final part of the game would involve infiltrating the heart of the empire, and reviving the cult of the great sun, in which (over time) the religious zealots happily agree. Of the day of the coup, Ivar does the heavy lifting with eliminating soldiers behind enemy lines, while emhyrs marches on into the capital of nilfgaard with his expat army, Ivar makes it into the usurpers palace, he makes it into the throne room and has the usurper at his mercy, but spares him, Emhyr makes it into the throne room and executes the usurper without hesitation, with emhyr emperor, he turns on Ivar, in which he orders his death, Ivar barely escapes with his life.

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First expansion: Gerring of Kharkov, in terms of personality, extroverted and a show off, a warped take on a knight-errant. It takes place before the main game, it involves the moral values of being a Witcher, in which the changing world challenges the old fashioned, non compromise, black and whiteness of Witchers acting more like knights and protectors, than non political monster slayers. Gerring represents that old mantra, In which events push him to change.

2nd expansion: letho of gulet, this expansion would be more like a British dead pan comedy, letho’s time in zerrikania post wild hunt, in which he’s pushed to get involved within the political situation, and by the end he comes out a full blown cliche hero.


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