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Themes of the Witcher – what is Andrzej Sapkowski trying to say?

Content of the article: "Themes of the Witcher – what is Andrzej Sapkowski trying to say?"

I'll start:

  • Family isn't determined by blood. Compare Geralt to Emhyr. Look at the lengths Yen will go to for Ciri. Family is who loves and cares for you, regardless of blood.
  • Discrimination is never about the targeted minority. Most magic welders are low level mages, herbalists etc. They were not invited to Thanedd and played no part in the coup. Nonetheless, even though they may be individually innocent, they were targeted, tortured and killed off without fair trial. The Witcher shows discrimination is driven by fear and is often welded as a weapon by factions wanting to climb the social ranks.
  • Appearances are deceiving (1). Geralt and most of the Witchers look unapproachable and intimidating. Yet, contrary to public perception, they are not bad, unfeeling people. Compare that to the surgically altered mages like Vilgerfortz, Fransesca and Philippa. They (at least before any maiming) are all timelessly and effortlessly beautiful/handsome – yet the mages who hold important positions at court/within the Brotherhood all display strong psychopathic tendencies and will kill and sell you out without hesitation.
  • Appearances are deceiving (2). Sabrina who dresses and talks like a teenage woman has enough power in her to level most small armies. Triss with her 22 inch wait could not be more than 110-120 pounds. Yet she was able to stop a pogrom – something the much taller and much more physically imposing Geralt wasn't able to do.
  • History isn't accurate. Philippa the saint. Triss "fourteenth of the hill". From memory, Yen died as a traitor to the North and, unless Triss cleared her name post mortem, she is forever wrongly remembered as having sold out the Brotherhood alongside Vilgerfortz and Fransesca.
  • Most people are not morally black or white, but grey. Geralt is a "good" Witcher but, if you run out of coins, good luck dealing with the monster yourself. Yen is a great mother, except she also murdered her father as revenge. Triss wants to make the world a better place…by whatever means necessary. With the exception of maybe Vilgerfortz, there are very few characters that just wants to be cruel for the sake of it. Even the monsters and beasts – most of them only kill because they are hungry or because they are not fully sentient. To this extent, most beings are doing what they are doing because they are programmed to. Most characters only act the way they act because they think its the best course of action for themselves and their loved ones. Nearly every character is a hero/heroine in their own eyes.
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