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thoughts after finishing the game

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I've seen many threads like this one in the past, want to make my own.

I've discovered The Witcher universe many years ago, recently read all the books again + began anew from TW1 and played Tw3 for the first time. Still need to play the DLC but i've completed the main story, done basically every secondary quest and explored vast majority of the world.

I like the game as a whole, definitely one of my favourite RPGs, but I found some overall flaws that i wanted to share:

Map is too big and filled with filler content: make it smaller, less witcher treasure hunts and bandit camps and similar, they can get boring after a while (especially cause I've never found myself to be in need of money or levels). Instead, adding a bunch of multi-step side quests would benefit the game overall experience imho.

Bad integration between side content and main quest: It's really hard to balance and open world system (with tons of side content) and a main story that has a feel of rush and priority to it.I think they could've done a better job by following my previous point first, then I think they should've let the playeractually search for Ciri, not pursue her: her trail never really runs cold, you always know where to go in order to follow her tracks and that might suggest you to skip all the side content, but then you'll miss most of the game as well. Just say that Ciri has been spotted in Velen and let you roam the region actually asking people for information that might know something, or might not but tell you they do to get your help on their issues as well.

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Also there are few comebacks to old topics when the game enters the "final phase" (to me, after the battle of Kaer Mohren). Let me confront and resolve the matter with the Crones earlier in the game, what do I care about them and Velen after the Battle of Kaer Mohren? Let me confront and resolve any issue with Madman Lugos, the hinted civil war and possible death of Crach when I'm still in Skellige, you won't focus on them later in the game.

Character's fate: the political aspect of the game is very well represented in the ending, but I felt let down for not knowing the fate of many characters (altho some are implied, and might get fixed lather in a DLC). Zoltant and Dandelion, Triss (if you romance Yennefer), Roche and Ves, the sorceresses, Eskel & Lambert.


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